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EYE see you. (eyeball magnets)


eyeball magnets for halloween


I had a bunch of circles…..

leftover from bubbles that used to be all over my bathroom walls…..
Turned them into some semi scary halloween magnets
 step by step progress: paint white

take a little black on your brush and while the white paint is still wet you just go around the edges and smear it in….
(you can add more white if you got a little heavy handed with the black)
 add a blue (or green or whatever color you so desire) circle
pupil time…black circle.
now turn the paint brush around and dip it in the white.
Make a dot and drag it.
after paint completely dries…I take a fine point sharpie and draw in the red squiggles.
added a magnet

(with hot glue)
and had them hold all my lists:


also attached some to wire and topped off a wooden board.
or you could just tape it to your son’s head
or you can glue a pin to the back….
and have yourself a brooch….that is an old person word…what’s the hip thing to say for a brooch?

yeah…i wouldn’t call an eye ball pin a “brooch”

I also thought that large ones could be used as coasters……
see…a little creepy!

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