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Extend the life of your onesies…

this is for all you mommas out there….

I have this daughter who likes to be naked….a lot! (this is where i would post a picture but someday she will be old enough to be embarrassed and will hate me for it…but trust me, I have a whole slew of naked pictures!)

oh..look i found a not so naked one:

notice the diaper…and notice that she doesn’t have a sheet on her bed from her other previous diaper free night…..

But for some reason…the onesie is a bit of a deterrent. (I mean she can unsnap them…and get naked….but not nearly as often as normal
Yeah, we have to do the straight jacket pj’s on backwards kinda thing….

anyways, we wear onesies alot. and we are getting the age that they don’t make onesies any more. (I just had a flashback of me in 7th grade with a flower “bodysuit”. pretty much the same thing.

So, I have these onesies. and I would like to keep wearing them…but this happens:

a onesie wedge. Love it.
So I made a little onesie extender….to help those onesies last a little longer.
I always buy them in a set…this one was purchased at target……

and one (okay all) gets stained. So I Just pick out the dirtiest one.

and snip the bottom off.
okay. you could totally just serge the bottom and turns them into t-shirts…but remember the nakedness….we need some snaps.
oh look…snaps.

cut them off.
Took some fabric…(you could use the onesie you just cut the snaps off of…but I have a hard time sewing knits……too stretchy for me. (I can do it. but I have to pin and take my time.)
Cut Rectangle
and folded it in half right sides together and sew up to sides
turn it out right and stitch all the way around

now look, I actually pinned. pat on the back.

the snaps have to go on each side……

I stitched them on with embroidery floss…ONE of my newest loves of my life.

oh. so cute.

just snap on….and go.

we had a little fasicanation with it…..

I know it looks like a big square pink thing..but if the daughter would have just let it shift naturally…you can’t really see it…how do I put this politely…um more in the crotch area?

okay….enough….look at the camera….

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