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altoid tins into card game holders!

Picking up where we left off Yesterday……

And then I found this old tin when I was “spring” cleaning (rearranging to look like I cleaned up…a little trick to fool my husband)

It was from a wallet.. that my husband bought before he even knew me (see…it pays to be a packrat!)
I decided to reincarnate this old tin as a card holder.
I get so sick of my cards looking like this:

or when you lift it up and all the cards come out the bottom. love that.
They needed a little more sturdier holder

Spray painted the lid

and cut up the box

hot glued the sides of the box to the sides of the tin…so it will be easily recognized

and hot glued the top cover on

you could mod podge  it…but my mod podge has drops in it…and I am not running to walmart just to buy some (they are remodeling and I can’t find a stinking thing.)

I hot glued the instruction right under the lid….cause we are that kind of family. (the kind that has fights about who’s cheating and what is right and what is wrong and NEEDS the instructions to prove it!)

(sidenote: my daughter just dumped out all 8 of our card games and got them all nice and mixed up! It was a mess!!!)

AND THEN…I had one altoid tin left over from my parents house
and that one got turned into a dice holder

AND THEN I found this old game tin (game is long gone)

and mod podge on some game papers

Don’t worry these sudoko answers were in the SUPER HARD section…so I would never need them.

For the lid I first cut out a circle from some cardboard and then glued on the papers.

when it was all done I hot glued it to the lid (this is where you would mod podge it.)

and filled it with all my games

So, now I can just grab it and go (look at all the other card games that need tins to go in! I am seriously considering buying all the men in my life wallets for their birthdays day so I can steal the tins!)

oh. don’t you worry…EVEN MORE tin stuff is coming…..on the seat of your chairs aren’t you!?

in case you missed my first post about altoid tins Here is what you missed….

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