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It’s paper week!–behavior chore chart

So every once in awhile I lug all my scrapbooking supplies out of my laundry room and spread them all over which ever room I pick (kitchen this week) and try to make a dent in my scrapbooking….usually a teeny tiny dent…but nonetheless a dent. So this week is the week.  All my posts this week will be involving paper or scrapbooking since that is what I will be doing until I am overcome by papercuts.

First project isn’t something I can take credit for. I found the idea Here at the Trendy treehouse and loved it so much I knew I had to make one.

On the clothespins are your kids names. If they do something good…they get to move up. If they do something naughty…they have to move down a color. Sounds easy enough.
I put a starting point in mine…or my kids would never get out of the TROUBLE ZONE! Once you hit the bottom..you lose a privilege (no batman xbox) and once you hit the top you get a treat (?)
I attached the paper onto a piece of cardboard to just make it a little more durable…and then laminated it.
Oh, added a magnet to the back.
(recycled magnet…recycled cardboard)
Now here’s hoping it works!!!!

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