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Cd holder

Do people even use cd’s anymore??? I know with the smartphones and ipod movement they have been scarce around this house….

But for one of my daughter’s Christmas presents we decided to get her a karaoke machine–we have tons of fun Disney music cds and I knew she wanted the frozen cd for her birthday…so it just made sense! (Huge regret. HUGE. a karaoke machine? What was I thinking???? Let it go –on repeat. ) sew your own cd holder I cut a front piece and a back piece….it’s about 15 inches long (you can make it longer if you have lots of cds) and 6 inches wide.   Then I cut 4 inch strips of fabric that is the same width as the main pieces (10 of them!) cd holder how to I ironed over the top edge twice  fold over edge and sewed. sew on binding Then I positioned the pieces on the front. I had a cd handy so I could make sure my spacing was correct!  cd holder I pinned each piece…
layers of fabric and starting at the top piece sew the bottom to the main piece. Work your way down. sew layers of fabric when you turn it upside down it look likes this!
fun fabric for cd holder Then I made my own bias tape…placed the back piece on and sewed the bias tape around all 4 sides! (If you need help with bias tape head HERE) (yup. no pictures of the bias tape steps…but I made sure to take one of what it looks like upside down!)  cd holder

You could totally add a strap to hang. or some ribbons or elastic to tie it to your visor in your car…! cd holder diy Well there you go.  A blast from the past. Let me know if you still have cds! sew your own cd holder

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