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goldfish carrots–food friday

i don’t know how my kids have teeth. with how much crap they consume i’m SHOCKED that they haven’t completely rotted away.

that being said…i’ve already purchased HOards of candy for their easter baskets.

i’m an enabler.

and i love chocolate.

but in case you are looking for an alternative for easter candy…these cute goldfish carrots are perfecto. (although i will fill mine with orange m&m’s or jelly beans.)

goldfish carrots

goldfish carrot supplies

you can find these pastry bags at joanns and michaels and even Walmart (check out where they have wedding cake toppers and cake decorating crap–Usually by the scrapbook paper crap)

just fill with goldfishes….

then just tie it off (i first tied off with a little rubber band (like loom bracelet rubber band) and then tied it with a junk bow.

junk bows

(don’t know what a junk bow is? Stacy from the potter place taught me them! they are fun bows that are made up of whatever you can find!!! in this case i just grabbed whatever ribbon, ric rac, twine that i had that was green!)

then you can add a happy Easter printable

easter printables easter goldfish carrots

random agaagg factoid: i hate all cheese flavored crackers/chips.

i like cheese. but not cheese flavored stuff. cheetos make my stomach turn.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to make these for my toddler’s class. =)

  2. OMG…junk bow….is that what that is? Apparently I’m one junk-bow-lovin’-crazy-person! My fave way to give a gift is in a plain white or brown gift bag (or lunch bag) with a crap-load of different colors/styles/textures of ribbons tied together (just like with your carrots). I just never knew there was a fancy name for it….LOVE it!

  3. such a fun idea!

  4. MrsMajorHoff says:

    Cute idea! My boys love goldfish and they certainly don’t need more chocolate to hype them up! Thanks for sharing!
    MrsMajorHoff recently posted…Spring Mantel: Peony “Spring Banner” Wreath, handmade bobbin spools and Radiant Orchid ArtworkMy Profile

  5. This is so cute!!! Just wanted to let you know I’m featuring this post is my Easter Round-up tomorrow! (If you would rather not be featured, no biggie. Just let me know.) Anyway, this is such a cute idea and I hope I can send a lot of traffic your way!

    Katie @FunHomeThings.com


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