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family tree quilt

I’m so excited for Christmas to be over (for a few different reasons..did anyone feel the frustration of shopping for 4 months and then it was over in 15 minutes? no? just me?

Anyways. now I get to share some presents that we crafted this season!

My parents are awesome–and this year instead of getting the kids yet another present—-(the majority of her grandchildren are old and there are 15 of them…and trying to figure out what 15 kids want with ages that range from 15-5 is hard work) she decided to take us all to outer limits (think chucky cheese) and she gave all the kids money and they got to go spend how they please—they got to ride a roller coaster simulator, bowled, black light miniature golf, the 10 oldest ones got to play a few rounds of laser tag…and then there were the token games (my kids freakin love them!)

What I’m trying to elude to is that it was an awesome Christmas and my kids still haven’t stopped talking about spending time with their cousins!

That being said….we still had to get my parents something for Christmas…and we didn’t’ want to just get them a “normal present” and we were stumped

then my sister found this cute quilt

and all the pieces fell into place. We puffy hearted it..

family tree quilt

We had a girls day and spend the whole day cutting circles, tracing hands embroidering the names and sewing those hands onto the circles (circles and hands have interfacing behind it.


Pretty much sure my sisters hate that I blog…they are never safe! ha! (that’s me with the giant arrow)

a few weeks prior I hopped onto fabric.com and ordered all the fabric from there…I totally love that you can open it into a window and see them all together…


the only fabric that wasn’t true to color was the red/orange striped one up at the top. It was pink and hot green. not really our color scheme. we tried to stay “manly” as much as you can with cute fabric!  When i think of my mom I think of fall colors! (is that weird? )

family tree quilt 5

the back is the plaid (holy crap i love that plaid sooo much)  we didn’t want to have to try to piece it together and not have the plaid match up so my sister cut squares and added a strip of the coordinating fabrics along the back.. family tree back

my sister borrowed her neighbors embroidery machine (can i tell you how much i want one? so cool and easy and my name would be on EVERYTHING!!!)

she added a little patch..

our original plan was to put all the hands as “leaves” but with this twin size it was a little cramped…so we pulled down the 4 youngest girls (they are all 5 years old) and scalloped the edges and turned them into flowers…

family tree quilt bottom

We took it and got it quilted together…(we wanted the “professional” look…) we lucked out when we found cathy (we called around but most people  couldn’t guarantee it before christmas….) she could…and we took it to her and said…”um…we just want some swirlies) and she went above and beyond.

I almost cried when I picked it up (and I don’t cry over sentimental stuff!)

she did a leaf pattern all around the top…went around the flowers and added “grass” she went around each hand (which you can’t tell until you turn it over and even did the wood grain of the tree.

unnamed (11)

she was AMAZING.  (if you want her number shoot me an email!)

oh…and let me tell you if you have never quilted before….the back has to have like 4-8 inches all around as access…which we didn’t know and had to sew some white around each side….she centered it all so we just trimmed the white off and binded it….but in case you want to get it quilted don’t cut your back piece. keep it big! family tree quilt 6

and we added an owl…cause owls are cute.

famly tree quilt owl

and added a little wood carving!

so there you go…my favorite gift of 2013–hands down (Omg i’m so lame!) family tree quilt with hand prints

If you want more fun blanket ideas…check out this AMAZING post!

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.


  1. that quilting is amazing!!

  2. That is an awesome gift! One of my long-term life goals is to learn to quilt. I, too, want an embroidery machine.

  3. Holy wow! That is incredible and what a lovely idea! It’s sure to become a cherished heirloom. Does Cathy do mail order? I’d send her something in a heart beat.

  4. I am in LOVE with this quilt! It is so beautiful! Good job!

  5. Stunned! So cute, excellent job!

  6. I love Love LOVE this quilt! I’m going to have to look into making one for my parents.

  7. I just love this quilt; the tree material is absolutely amazing.

  8. Kim, I loved this quilt. It just spoke to me when you brought it to be quilted. I am so glad that you liked the quilting and am happy to have had the opportunity to add the “frosting” to your “cake”.

    • Valerie says:

      Do you have a website so we can find you? Your beautiful quilting MAKES this adorably perfect quilt!


  9. THis is SO super cute! What a fantastic idea. Pinning… and probably using!

  10. Do you guys take orders to make a quilt like this??? that is so pretty I love it!

  11. Annick says:

    Is so beautiful, it is possible to know the dimension and the quantities of frabric your need for the amazing project, I would like to try me to. Tank

    • we ordered from fabric.com…so the fabric comes in 1/2 yard cuts. (and we had leftovers) so if you are doing a bunch of different kinds of color combinations you could probably get away with 12 inches of each. we used a sheet for the front..and order 4 1/2 yards for the back fabric.

  12. I love this quilt! After talking to my sister-in-laws we are going to try to make one for the parents. I have a couple of questions. About how big is yours? Did you actually trace everyone’s hand?

    • i’m not sure exact measurements. I’m thinking it was about 80 inches long….so maybe 60ish wide?? The top is a white sheet…so that can help you with size! We traced the majority of everyone’s hands…(we had the them trace them on paper and then mail them to us. But we did end up fudging one or two!)

  13. Vanessa says:

    Truly awesome! Where is the quilter you used located? I am in Arizona. But would love to use her! Thanks and again it’s beautiful!!

  14. I would love to make one of these for my children. Do you remember where you found the pattern? Thanks for your help.

  15. Love this quilt and am planning to make one for my mother in law this Christmas. Did you trace your parents hands too or just kids and grandkids??

  16. Did you follow any instructions for this quilt, or did you just look at the pictures and figure it out on your own? I would love to make one, this is so fun!

  17. Christina says:

    How much would you charge to make one of these?

  18. Where do I get the pattern for the tree. It would help me a lot . Have all the hands ready to go but just can’t get the tree to come out.

  19. I love this. My mother would love it. How do I make this.

  20. Shelly Moyer says:

    I love your quilt. Such an adorable idea. I want to use this and make a memory quilt for my sisters using clothes from my Mom. Who passed away the day before Thanksgiving. Could you briefly explain how you did the hands and what kind of interfacing did you use and do you iron it on or just sew on the back?
    Also I am trying to come up with a design using a flip flop shape, because my Mom always wore them. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I will be eagerly waiting your response. Thank you in advance.

  21. Absolutely darling!!


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