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shout outs sunday!

more than a memory

this is an ingenius idea. SERIOUSLY. i know i say that with all the crafts i do…but i really mean it this time. the kids can pick what they want to do and earn as much money as they choose.

homemade ginger


oh. teal. chevron, faux chenille.
it’s like all my favorite things in one.
one fish two fish love this bathroom.

isn’t this cool? and pretty and bright? and it’s HUGE!
they have an adorable ring i want too!

sew dang cute

love the rope and color. looks amazing (and i can’t remember if i featured her signs she made with it…but i love those too.
i love her reasoning for making this skirt…i too buy cute fabric that i never want to use cause i don’t want it to be gone.
and i love this skirt that uses that cute fabric butjustalittlebit.


this is so pretty. like i think i would make it and put it on a shelf so no one would spill koolaid on it.
i have a confession.
i hate subway art.
i know right. it’s everywhere i really don’t care for it.
but there is an exception to every rule..and this table runner is it. LOVE IT!
this for sale in an etsy shop..i just love the way they did this..and the colors.
it’s on my list of things to knock off…

not on the high street

so sweet..it could go in the same home as the pillow above…
this makes me giggle.. you know we are thinking it when we give a person a homemade gift….now you can subtley say it without literally saying it…
and some awesome free thanksgiving printables:

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