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for the star wars fan…..

I have a few little boys in my life who love star wars….and I know about zilch about star wars….wait..I will tell you how much I know about star wars:
like, I know about princess leia from when rachel dressed up like her from friends tv series

and the millenium falcom from when duff made one on Ace of Cakes

and I know about the gold guy and R2D2 (or maybe that is the gold guy?) from the ride at disneyland. (oh i love disneyland!!!)
And I know about yoda…just because it’s yoda.
and I know that luke’s father has some voice issues..
and i’m out. I know. don’t tell anyone.

anyways..I wanted to make a star wars piece of art for an upcoming birthday….:

I have a bunch of canvas from my high school days and a few from the D.I.  I mixed some navy blue and black and painted them…(that’s what I love about canvas and paint…make a mistake and paint right over it!)

while it is drying…..
 I went online and typed in star war ships and found some images that I cut and pasted and printed out. (now, this is where I wish I had a little knowledge about star wars….cause I don’t have a clue if these are right…they could be from star trek for all i know!!)

to get some star wars images :

click HERE

click HERE for

I also copied the star wars logo

 Once the dark is dry…I sprayed the whole thing with a clear gloss…..and when that dried…
I went back and took some white paint and watered it down like crazy and then splattered the canvas all over.
see the spill I made..oh I mean see the milky way I made?
and when that was drying….I cut out the images…..(you could be those removable walls stickers they have all over….but I was going for cheap!)

i got the star wars in gold so it would stand out on the galaxy.
Now when the board’s white splatters are dry….I took my cut outs and mod podged them on…
and let dry.
(do you see the non gloss of the mod podge? (I guess you could buy glossy mod podged…but I used what I had!)
the drying takes forever.
okay…maybe not forever but I hate waiting.
And when it finally dried……FINALLY
I sprayed it with the clear gloss again.
and waited for that to dry.
Then I went back and fixed my “milky way”
added some explosions…I’m guessing there are explosions in star wars I mean it’s star WARS right?
(I sprayed clear gloss over my paint when I was finished.)
and then I hung them on my son’s wall…and it’s probably the worst wall…opposite a window and that means GLARE!
 the end.

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.


  1. This is fabulous; and my son would LOVE it. He's 10 and is into putting stuff on his walls lately; AND since I'm doing more "homemade" gifts for my kids than ever before, I just may have to copy this idea! You did a great job for not knowing anything about Star Wars 🙂

  2. tiffannysketchbook says:


  3. !!!!

    My boys would love, love, love something like that. I may actually attempt this when we redo their room next year. How neat! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    They turned out so good!
    I also know zilch about Star Wars. LOL

  5. Great idea! Except its the Millennium FalcoN. 😉

  6. There I Go Again! says:

    My new favorite blog!!! We are redoing our 6 year old's room in Star Wars for Christmas this year and I love this idea. Thank you for posting!!

  7. I love all things Star Wars. I should do this for MY birthday!

  8. MY son LOVE LOVE LOVES Star Wars! I am definitely making these -THANK YOU!!!!!!

  9. Victoria ObSEUSSed says:

    My 5 yr old son is SOOO into star wars. He would love these (so would my husband who has a life size Darth Vader cut out by his desk at work). I love that these are custom art that you could even have your kid help flick the stars on or glue the ships on. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the finished product!

  11. Awesome! Any boy (or girl) would love those!

  12. Looove this post. My nephew would adore these!

  13. Brad Pághanni says:

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    I hope your comment!

  14. coolest. mommy. ever.

  15. This is so awesome! Such a great boy gift.

  16. Linen and Tulle says:

    Great job. I tried to make one a couple of years ago but couldn't figure out the stars. Brilliant using paint splatters.

  17. Nikki ~ I will follow U Back! says:

    Pretty thrifty miss thang!! Totally impressed!

    ~ Nikki

  18. Girl, you crack me up. This was quite hillarious, from the very beggining to the very end. GREAT job on the pictures for real. I LOVE the texture you gave the canvas. I can so see how your little man would be SUPER excited to see those.

    Thanks again, for supporting my party and linking up to **Amaze me August** I really really appreciatte it. !!!

    Oh and you have to come enter my first giveaway, it's super huge, SEVEN prizes up for grabs. You won't want to miss it. 🙂

    Take care girl!!

    Bella 🙂

  19. These came out awesome! I'm always looking for CHEAP, art for my kids rooms . . . love your play mats too btw!

  20. I love Star Wars and so does my son. I am lucky because he likes the classic Star Wars rather than the Clone Wars or the 'new ones.' See, the ones that just came out (well, not JUST) are actually PREQUELS to the ones I grew up with (although I was only a toddler when they came out in 1977). So I really like IV, V, and VI even though they came out WAY before I, II and III. Lost yet?
    The point is that I was thinking of painting murals on my son's walls but now I think I can use your ideas and go for a more classic, Pottery Barn style Star Wars. (Pottery Barn does sell Star Wars things.)
    So, the force IS with you! And I am glad! lol

  21. This is so awesome! I have to do this! (at this very moment I hear my 6 yo making the pew-pew sound of his gun and humming do-do-do-dum-de-dooooo) lol! Can we say obsessed!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing and inspiring…you make me say "Yea, I can do that!"

  22. Stephanie says:

    This is such a cool idea! While my boys are out growing star wars- this could work on so many other themes.

  23. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  24. I know I'm really late to the conversation but this is so awesome that I want to try to make one for my grandson!! How did you get your images bigger than the 1 inch picture that is shown in the link?? I tried making them larger in word, but then they are severely distorted…HELP!! =)

  25. I made this for a friend of my son's 12th birthday. Instead of using white paint I used glow in the dark paint and splattered it around.I also used some real pictures from outerspace with the spaceship pitures. Then I painted over them with glow paint. It looks awesome day or night. Thanks for the idea- He loved it!

  26. Adiarra says:

    What a fanTAStic tutorial!! I am SO doing this. I do have a question tho. What technique did you use for the splattering? It's the only part that feels slightly intimidating lol. Thanks!! And seriously awesome proect!!

  27. Jawsgirl says:

    Very cool idea! I might have to try a different theme, my kids aren’t that into Star Wars. What a great technique. You’ve inspired me, maybe an underwater theme….Thank for sharing!


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