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5 fun games to play with Paper plates

I’ve come up with 5 fun games to play with paper plates because My kids. and summer. home. all day. They need some entertaining about 3 days in… (for their sanity and mine!) But I don’t like things that will break the bank–So¬† 5 fun games that the kids will love- and the best part […]

kid craft monday—water balloon summer fun roundup!

Baby—it’s HOT outside! so let’s cool off with a loads of fun water balloon ideas! first up>>>> fun things to buy that make water balloons easy peasy! my faucet doesn’t work with the ¬†adapter…and i don’t want to spend hours sitting on the ground on the side of my house filling them up…so I love […]

summer wreath

  i had so much fun making this bandana wreath and i had this lonely watermelon hanging on my door….so i decided to add a little wreath for it to hang on instead! same basic construction..pool noodle duct taped together and then wrapped with fabric. the bow was left on and i was going to […]

an easy beach towel redo

i got this cute beach towel for mother’s day–(those are flip flops!) and you know me…wanted to add a little SHAZAM to it. so i bought 6 inches of this fabric… and made some binding! (you can go HERE to read more about my how-tos in binding) i thought it would also be cute to […]