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5 fun games to play with Paper plates

I’ve come up with 5 fun games to play with paper plates because My kids. and summer. home. all day. They need some entertaining about 3 days in… (for their sanity and mine!) But I don’t like things that will break the bank–So  5 fun games that the kids will love- and the best part […]

kid craft monday—water balloon summer fun roundup!

Baby—it’s HOT outside! so let’s cool off with a loads of fun water balloon ideas! first up>>>> fun things to buy that make water balloons easy peasy! my faucet doesn’t work with the  adapter…and i don’t want to spend hours sitting on the ground on the side of my house filling them up…so I love […]

hanky panky (kid craft monday) diy handkerchief

We’ve been slowly doing sewing lessons for my kids. (cause you are never too young) anyways…we decided to come up with a craft they could make…an easy sewing tutorial…. not really embroidered….but made to look like it! Start by making a square of fabric…I just bought a yard of white…(but you can buy handkerchiefs for pretty […]

hot dog hot dog

if you just finished with hot diggity dog…than this post is for you. my daughter is OBSESSED with mickey mouse clubhouse.  (thank goodness) it’s the first cartoon where she actually sat down and SAT STILL. It was amazing. her birthday is on EASTER (even though we celebrated it a day early) and so this week […]

cardboard playhouse

You’ve seen the felt houses. You’ve seen the ones you can buy at walmart for hundreds of dollars. Introducing: The cardboard playhouse. Cost:  maybe $10 STart with a BIG box: lucky for me my sis in law just unpacked her new stove!!!! cut out some windows and a door start painting. For the roof: I went to […]