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What’s in the Box- fun group game!

This game is going to be a hit at your next gathering! Birthday party, halloween get together and even family reunions! Place funny objects inside and let the person try to guess by feel WHAT’S IN THE BOX!  Seriously! This game is so much fun! You never know what you are going to get! Something […]

Giant Board games

  Part 2 of my daughter’s party with Oriental Trading is….GAMES! What’s more fun than games…? GIANT GAMES! I have a couple super fun ones for you! They are perfect for a backyard party! We hung them on the fences and side of the house…but we could totally find a blank wall in the house […]

Hula Hoop Pass–fun activity

This game is quick, easy and only involves people and a hula hoop! Perfect for a family reunion or classroom party! Have two teams and race to see who can get the hula hoop passed all the way to end and back! Make a line (or circle) of people…all holding hands. the hula hoop has […]