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the new dentist office…..

so…i’ve talked about the cute dentist office HERE and showed you the little things i did HERE and now it’s time for the new dentist office reveal! (keep in mind –i didn’t do this all..i will point out the portions i did. I live about an hour and half away so i didn’t want to […]

Dentist office: take two…

so I showed you HERE this cute dentist office— and now i’m going to show you a few odds and ends that i’ve done for them…(and i started writing this a long time ago and that’s why the pictures are so small! like this pinocchio. do you see this ginormous pinochicho.. yah..how could you miss it […]

the dentist office…

    back story: i used to work at a kids dentist office. my mother in law is the office manager..and my sister in law was the front desk–and she had a baby…and we kinda did this swap where she would work the mornings and i worked the afternoons. I loved it…it was super fun […]