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GIANT cardboard/ marquee letters

so…we moved in. and 4 days after we bought a tv for my living room…cause i was dying a slow death without one. and the box it came in was huge and big and sturdy…and amidst the hot mess that was my house…I sat down and made these! (my husband was THRILLED!) But you know…giant […]

cardboard week starts–with a kids craft!

let me tell you about cardboard. I love it. It is AMAZING and can be transformed into most anything that you could make with wood. (for way cheaper…and way lighter!) and since we moved –and i’m a blogger and get random packages…i have cardboard coming out my… ears. i was going to say ears. so […]

cardboard playhouse

You’ve seen the felt houses. You’ve seen the ones you can buy at walmart for hundreds of dollars. Introducing: The cardboard playhouse. Cost:  maybe $10 STart with a BIG box: lucky for me my sis in law just unpacked her new stove!!!! cut out some windows and a door start painting. For the roof: I went to […]