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car mat

I know there are a lot of felt stuff out there. And I have seen some freakin cute ones. (serious those felt playhouses blow my mind!!!)  My nephew’s birthday was coming up and he LOVES cars. Loves them. and I knew I wanted to make him a felt car activity mat. (all hot glue of course cause […]

In case you missed it…..cookie cutter art….

I am reposting my craft project I did over at 733! Today I am making  cookie cutter canvas art It’s super easy…and super fun. and It’s something that even kids can do! (if you trust them with paint) Let’s start Some canvas (old or new) Paint your base cover Pick a cookie cutter (I might […]

Levi Apron

I know that there are alot of aprons out there. A LOT. all different sizes and colors. Some with ruffles and some without. But this is the apron I use and I love love love it. I’ve made a few…. dozen I learned how to make this levi apron from my sewing teacher at Ricks […]

Better homes and garden

I got the better homes and garden magazine in my mailbox the other day….and since it is spring and time to start planting flowers…the pages are graced by these beautiful photos of bright flowers. I knew I had to use them….somehow. see…beautiful! hot glued some toothpicks to the back…. poked it in a cupcake pretty pretty pretty. Remember this project […]

The very last terra potta cotta post for a very very very long time.

I have three pots left.Three.So close. So my last three are….drum roll please: A teachers appreciation gift: some chalkboard paint (you know…teachers and chalkboards?) Added some ABCs Perfect for all your teachers stuff. I also thought you could plant a pretty flower and talk about helping your child “grow” or something cheesy like that. (I […]

mod podge rocks on terra cotta pottas. (say that five times fast)

I love me some mod podge. and i love when I get to use some to things i have been craft hoarding…remember this book? (click HERE for a refresher course.) Well took the scraps and another terra cotta pot (serious…anyone getting sick of terra cotta pots? me? Yes.) and started to mod podge. took some brown […]

3 tier dessert stand…terra cotta style

Supplies: Paint: I sprayed a nontoxic finish on it. assemble: I just hot glued the two pots to the two upper stands (someone mentioned in a the comments of a previous project that hot glue didn’t work for them and they used apoxy. I haven’t had any problems with my hot glue not holding…but my […]

another two second craft

I don’t know about you….but i forget what I plant. And those little sticks they give you to help you remember? My sweet daughter picked them all out and handed them to me. Thanks sweets! Which leads us to our next terra cotta pot project This one takes just seconds…..except you have to wait for […]

Bubble gum bubble gum in a dish

Pot week continues with a bubble gum dispenser! Things you need: One Pot One pot dish (I know that isn’t the technical term but I am blanking for the moment. The dish the pot sits in and catches the excess water) A wooden wheel: like 79 cents at the crafts store A knob: (I know […]

Hand Painted Pots starts off our terra cotta pot week!

Lets go back last fall. When all the summer stuff is on sale. I was at shopko. Ran into an aisle of terra cotta pots. On sale…..On CLEARANCE. (One of my favorite words). That is 24 cents. Needless to say….I bought a ton!! And since it was almost winter, in my garage they sat. My […]

Dress up suitcase GIRL VERSION!!!

    Finally found me a suitcase worthy of a makeover… rrrrreeedddd~! And this baby was only $3.00. Recovered the inside Painted the outside: Princess theme per daughters request: Fill it up: And for the whole tutorial or in case you missed the boy version click HERE

it’s warm……spring blocks!

for the moment. (don’t hold your breath) It snowed on easter. snowed. But this week has been beautiful…shhhh be quiet. don’t scare it away. I finally felt like it was spring. I needed to represent. I need to shout out to Mother nature that spring is here and snow should not be around NO MORE!!! […]

Thrift store take 3–boy dress up clothes suitcase

I have three kids.  I have a LOT of play clothes…goes hand in hand right? This is the play clothes before: This is my thrift store steal for $3.00 I love this color..(I once bought a vacuum for the only reason it was blue) ohhh. not so pretty. I ripped that all out. and took some new […]

It’s thrift store week!–hide a book!

I love a good theme. and this week is all about thrift store finds. (I love a good thrift store too.) Sometimes you go in and leave with nothing. Sometimes you hit the jackpot….this week was jackpot week. First find: a book I love the babysitters club. I felt a special bond with Claudia. She […]