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Thrift store take 3–boy dress up clothes suitcase

I have three kids.  I have a LOT of play clothes…goes hand in hand right? This is the play clothes before: This is my thrift store steal for $3.00 I love this color..(I once bought a vacuum for the only reason it was blue) ohhh. not so pretty. I ripped that all out. and took some new […]

It’s thrift store week!–hide a book!

I love a good theme. and this week is all about thrift store finds. (I love a good thrift store too.) Sometimes you go in and leave with nothing. Sometimes you hit the jackpot….this week was jackpot week. First find: a book I love the babysitters club. I felt a special bond with Claudia. She […]

My family Tree

I have this big wall. You know those big walls that you just aren’t sure what to do with? This is the before: not bad. But not great. I saw this idea for a vinyl tree: From a BHG magazine. Loved it. Painted a tree on my wall: (free hand…cause i’m wickedly cool like that) […]

St. Patty’s shirt

Remember this shirt from Valentines Day? We’ve got the st. Patricks day version. If you missed it….just some felt Hot glued together. then I just  put a few stiches here and there to keep it in place. looks a hot mess. But when you are done with the holiday you just snip and it all […]

Paper week continues with the cute version of the Clipboard.

Why carry around a boring brown clipboard? Why not make it cute with some paper and mod podge! (Did is sound like a infomercial….that is what I was going for!) To start:Buy a clipboard (I get mine at D.I. you know recycle reduce reuse)Pick some paper.Get out your bottle of Mod Podge. Paint clipboard if […]


My kids fight. OVER EVERYTHING. I can only do eny many miny mo so many times. I made this spinner to hopefully cut down on arguments about whos turn it is to say the prayer…and whos turn it is to crack the egg and whos turn it is to lick the spoon and whos turn […]

It’s paper week!–behavior chore chart

So every once in awhile I lug all my scrapbooking supplies out of my laundry room and spread them all over which ever room I pick (kitchen this week) and try to make a dent in my scrapbooking….usually a teeny tiny dent…but nonetheless a dent. So this week is the week.  All my posts this […]


12:00 rolls around. I ask my son, “Son, what do you want for lunch?” and his reply? “What do you want me to have for lunch?” I say, “hot dog.” Nope. “pb and j?” nah. “spaghettios?” uh, no. “chicken nuggets?” gross. I’m out. After 100 or so similar occurrences, I made him a menu. Now, […]

Potato Bag

You might not know what a Potato Bag is….I didn’t even know until a few months ago and I live in Idaho–the land of Potatoes.  But now that I use it…I will never go back. This bag is a bag you put your potatoes in, throw it (or place it) in the microwave, heat, and […]

Charm Bracelet

How do you lose an earring? That has a back? Repeatably? I don’t know how she does it…magic I guess….but Jordan just has a knack for losing just one earring. I take the poor lonely earring and put it in her top drawer….knowing full well that the day I throw it out…the other one will […]

Rainbows and placemat purses.

My 6 year old loves rainbows. If you ask what her favorite color is…it is rainbow. So when I was making purses out of placemats that is what she wanted. Couldn’t quite find a rainbow placemat so I  had to improvise. Painted it first–then hot glued the buttons on. So cute. This one is actually […]

DIY Barbie House from a shelf

Confession time: I played Barbies until I was like 14. So when my daughter started playing with them (she skipped the baby stage and headed straight for the barbie) I was so proud. I decided she needed a barbie house (I had a barbie MANSION homemade by mom and dad…i’ll have to get some pictures […]

Valentines Shirt

I love holidays. (I love a lot of things) But I love Valentines day. I love hearts, I love pink, I love candy. But I hate buying shirts for holidays to have my kids only wear them once. (I actually usually buy them BIG–then the first year they can wear it, the second year it […]

Valentine Games

So, I find myself in charge of my eldests Valentine Party at School tomorrow. 25 1st graders. What to do. What to do. It started with some crafted up clothespins (the giant kind) that I finished at some super Saturday ages ago and had nowhere to put them.   I wanted the kids to shoot them with a nerf […]