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the curiously strong mint

This is how this post originally started: My husband has an old altoid tin that he dumps all his gum in. It was ugly. Okay, not ugly. It was just an altoid tin. Boring. paper, stickers. HOT GLUE much better. I’m sure that if my husband sat still for too long–I’d probably try to hot […]

felt mat GIRL STYLE.

Remember that  boy felt car mat I made  for my cute little nephew (click HERE to take you to the boy mat tutorial.) …and when I gave it to him at his party…my neice loved it! and played with it and played with it. So I knew that a girl one was needed…and since her […]


It’s not a pin cushion….it’s a pin book…but if I had said pin book would you have known what I was talking about? thought so…Anyways….that is what this post is about..pin books. felt pin books..(I have gone felt wild recently….) I saw this great idea to store your fabric from The Little Green Bean I […]

How to clean your paint brushes…

I am horrible about cleaning my paint brushes…..I am usually doing two or three projects and I forget (or just don’t want to take the time) to clean out my paintbrushes. Then I am stuck with the hard paint bristles– completely crusted in paint. but I have a trick up my sleeve……   stick your […]

Proud to be an american!!!

Last year I said I  LOVED the fourth of July. Then it rained….my husband scared me every half an hour with those loud dumb fireworks…and my daughter started a fire with a sparkler on a blanket and my sister had to stamp it out and got burned in the process (thanks again Hayley!)  So I am going to […]

cardboard playhouse

You’ve seen the felt houses. You’ve seen the ones you can buy at walmart for hundreds of dollars. Introducing: The cardboard playhouse. Cost:  maybe $10 STart with a BIG box: lucky for me my sis in law just unpacked her new stove!!!! cut out some windows and a door start painting. For the roof: I went to […]

fingerprint pendants

(off of one of our summer to do) I got this great idea from smashedpeasandcarrots who got this great idea from: the crafty crow  I think they are just so sweet! I got some sculpey (is it pointless to say I got if for 40% off. It’s just kind of a given right?) I got a […]

Ladybug invites

Thought I would share this cute ladybug invitation I made for my daughters second birthday. I cut a circle out of that clear scrapbook paper and cut it in half and added some polka dots I also cut a circle of red the same size (do NOT cut in half) The head is a smaller […]

You might be crafty if…..

You have paint splatters on the majority of your clothes You have little round burn marks on your hands that could only be from a glue gun. You don’t even notice the smell of spray paint anymore. (actually, you might even like it!) Your kids have eaten sitting on the floor because your current craft […]

Summer to-do craft version Part 2!

Yes yes I know. Even more! I got this GREAT craft book when I was at the thrift store for a whole 75 cents! It’s got some great little things that I know my kids will LOVE!!! and a few from my giant Kid’s craft folder yeah…I didn’t even make a dent in it. (my […]

summer to-do list craft version Part 1

It must be summer..cause I am seeing so many great posts about summer crafts for the kids! Here is Just a sampling of the crafts we are going to be doing for our summer countdown:  Black Magic Art from eighteen25 Gak from Make it and love it from that artist woman (her whole blog is great!) […]

Summer to-do list

(oh my gosh! THanks for all the comments….it makes me think my children aren’t the worstest children ever..(only top ten) (Okay, I talk alot of smack but my kids aren’t HORRIBLE! But I wouldn’t neccesarily call them ANGELS! My husband commutes and is gone for two weeks straight…and it wears on our little family….so these post […]

Clipboard chore chart AKA mom’s quest for sanity!

I don’t consider  brushing my teeth a “chore” but apparently my kids do. I knew it would be a long summer of me telling my kids brush your teeth, clean you room, water your flower, make your bed (everyday in fact!) So once again…trying to make MY life easier…the kids like them too….so all in […]

A pen and a PLUME

(Plume is a fancy word for feather)Okay…we are currently on a FANCY NANCY CRAZE (I mean who isn’t?)I figured we could use a little fancy in our life….enter our plumey pens (I might have gotten carried away.)I just used regular bic pins!!! I started with a rainbow penjust  hot glued (Hot glue is a fancy […]