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cricut love–hair bow holder

okay…so i got invited to a baby shower. and i had bags full of hair crap leftover from hair crap week…so i thought i would make her a bow holder…..I got the idea to do the  words around like this frame i got this fantastic frame for about 97 cents at walmart.. and i painted it […]

let’s go on a picnik….

I’ve been playing around with picmonkey…cause they have so much fun halloween stuff–and I have a cold–so I just sat on my computer and created and created…So enjoy all the free printables! I love Halloween so stinking much! You can print these out to frame-you can print these out and turn them into cards. You […]

halloween games for kids (also titled….sometimes i’m dumb.)

really dumb. and find myself in charge of not one class party…but two class parties. kindergarten and 3rd grade. (for the record they are different days.) and can i take a moment and vent here: if you sign up on a sheet to help out IT WOULD BE A REALLY BIG HELP IF YOU ANSWERED […]

(happy) halloween shout outs

halloween shout outs! source source source source source the swell life craziest gadgets source source source source source source source and of course i have a whole pinterest board dedicated to it…

fhe blocks

┬ámonday night has been said aside as family night (family home evening aka FHE) we don’t plan anything (i mean like softball games or plans with friends) it’s a night that we hang out as a family. we start with a prayer.. sing a song read some scripture teach a lesson (like david and goliath) […]

paper lanterns.

It’s paper lantern craze here on agaagg. what happened is… I wanted to add some paper lanterns… and found so many fun ways to do it…that I just couldn’t pick which one… so I made them all!!! Here are the ones we will be going over! These paper lanterns have been through a couple room […]


so…i paint walls. another random fact about agaagg. i actually have done quite a few…most recently this castle: here’s a random fact: this blog started as just a place to show my pictures for potential customers…that’s why it’s kimboscrafts…the girl and the glue gun came about 5 months later. i get jobs here and there….and […]

baptism dress

my daughter got baptized on sat (…you can read more about my church here) and i wanted a white dress…… yeah. easier said than done.. i found all sorts of cute ones.. none white… (these are found at old navy..banana republic, children’s place, the gap and jcrew)  and then I did find some white ones […]

mirror mirror on the wall…

so. i crapped out on you yesterday. sorryboutthat. not really. cause i got loads of stuff done. and today is a FANTASTIC glue gun tutorial (if i do say so myself) it’s one of those projects that just confirms to myself how awesome i am. yes. i really just said that. yes. i’m a little […]

black baroque

I found this great Etsy shop Black Baroque I think it’s just adorable! I love the ornate black frames! and the pictures are just sooo cute! I had this old little frame leftover from a thrift store purchase…so i cut some old book pages to size and mod podged them in… and I might have spray […]


he got all crafty the other day and decided to make a sling shot with my son. fun. i told him i would totally blog about it… and then when he got it all finished… and shot it. i thought, “holy, this thing is deadly” like not just put an eye out…like take you out […]

oops.. i did it again. (lego felt mat)

now i have you singing britney don’t i? I made another felt mat…..lego style.. I made it HUGE…..the felt is 2 yards wide at joanns….so I got 2 yards to  make it an even square. I folded it up and took some string and a sharpie and made a perfect circle (It cost me $6 […]

hopscotch mat…hot glue!!!

This originally posted at the IDEA ROOM. I was so excited when amy asked me to guest post because the idea room was one of the first blogs that i followed. anyways…..I wanted something big….and hot glue and came up with this: (oh..and there are about 100 pictures. i kept emailing amy making sure that […]

shout out sunday- summer fun edition

(Now let me tell you a story about how shout outs sunday started….(settle in) I was getting lots of “awards” (which I blushed each time) and you are supposed to pass it on to like 10 bloggers each. and most people just write the list and leave it at that. and let’s be completely honest….no […]