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{Insert clever title here}

My cardboard playhouse made it on the top ten iron crafter……. (the theme was cardboard boxes) so go vote (even if you don’t vote for me….) there are some great ones over there! dude..i know this sucks. don’t hate me. i hate me. but people steal my crappy posts–so i just gotta. i love you […]


So many zippers….so little time top four re-zip it next two above Topsy Turvy Shop three above Craftaholic Annonymous (she has tutorials!) three above Reborne Jewelry arjas uni Bogate Feathered Whimsy and yes, I’ve already shown these before…but I love them so much (I was talking about the earrings…but I love the sisters too!) sisters […]

quiet book/activity binder perfect to keep the kids from making your rip your hair out!!!!

At my trip to walgreens I picked these up for less than 50 cents…(the red one I actually bought at walmart for $1. What a rip off!) Decided to make a whole binder of activities. so when you are headed to church or a dentist game or need a quiet activity in the car you’ve […]

a new take on the crayon roll.

So with the school sales, crayons are cheap! 25 cents cheap. and I probably bought my weight in them. We are big fans of the crayon roll–but I came up with a new twist. a crayon roll with a little tablet to color. I got these tablets at walgreens 6 for $1. can’t beat that […]

Pressed Flowers Bookmarks

We went a walk a month ago and my daughter picked every flower she saw. We ended up with a nice variety and we put them in a phone book to dry them. all flat and pretty. but then I thought…what are you supposed to do with a pile of pressed flowers. I took strips of […]

black baroque

I found this great Etsy shop Black Baroque I think it’s just adorable! I love the ornate black frames! and the pictures are just sooo cute! I had this old little frame leftover from a thrift store purchase…so i cut some old book pages to size and mod podged them in… and I might have spray […]

The greatest Birthday Cake Ever

I’m not crazy about cakes. I’m more of a cookie/brownie girl. (and I reallllllly don’t like them since I got kicked off of sytyc cause of my cake.) But I got a BIRTHDAY cake from my two sisters and I have never loved anything so completely. a cake made of glue sticks just some covered […]

sytyc Painted Shower curtain

Another week at SyTyC…..whew! I actually had a ton of fun with this one… (and go vote…the new theme is up and it’s a delicious one!) loved the surfboard! (from I am Momma Hear me Roar) It was my favorite (and my husband’s favorite. Gee thanks lover!) Peekabo Shower Curtain Are you ever in the […]


ohmygosh. I feel like such a slacker. But I have a somewhat good excuse! I got a new laptop! oh, my sweet baby. I already love her soooo much. So I have been busy this week getting her all organized and getting ALLL of my pictures transfered over and getting the printer set up and….well, […]

Baby bibs…as seen on SYTYC

(made it another week….whew. THis whole thing is a little stressful! In a good way though!  THis week is WATER WEEK over at SYTYC so make sure you go vote. ONce again, GREAT GREAT PROJECTS!!) Baby bibs. But not your average baby bibs. These baby bibs are interchangeable. They come with a strap ending with […]

checker tin

I was done with tins. Honest. AND Then I was walking around the dollar store and came across these: really? how could i not. So I scrounged up one more project to do with tins…AND THEN I will be DONE! I took a piece of black paper and cut it so it would fit into […]

my fourth day of tins…..

who knew I could go four days about tin…..Kinda like beating a dead horse…but this one fell into my lap. picking up where we left off…..AND THENI got my family fun magazine in the mail.and wouldn’t you know they had a whole craft section about……mint tins. the stars were aligned. I loved the funny face one…. […]

-tin–tooth fairy style.

picking up where we left off the last two days…. AND THEN   when I was pilfering altoid tins from my parents….my dad came out with this soap tin and I thought it would be perfect for a tooth fairy box. I took a piece of shiny fabric and jus hot glued it around the inside […]

altoid tins into card game holders!

Picking up where we left off Yesterday…… And then I found this old tin when I was “spring” cleaning (rearranging to look like I cleaned up…a little trick to fool my husband) It was from a wallet.. that my husband bought before he even knew me (see…it pays to be a packrat!) I decided to […]