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buttons buttons buttons.

i  restrained from putting BUTT as the title with ON in the post. i’m maturing i think. it’s craft day here at the west house. no. let’s rephrase. everyday is a craft day. today is a kids craft day! we always make christmas crafts….last year it was the easy beaded candy canes…. and this year […]

i spy the best present ever. an ispy book…using our own toys

Not the most original..but it was so much fun to make…and i used all my kids favorites things so i know they are just going to love it… before we begin..you are about to see an extra crapload of toys. and looking back over…my kids are getting no toys for christmas. it seems like a […]

bam! (from elmers..)

okay…so this is the same basic ideas as yesterday… I traced it out on foam core board (i could literally buy 43 pieces of this stuff and use it ALL up!) used the knife again…. cut it out…. but instead of covering it…i used the painter’s markers! they are the BOMB! and comes in loads […]

christmas shout outs

corner house on under the table and dreaming i feel like i should be talking in hushed tones while i look at this wreath… and i thought i loved you then on sugar bee tissue paper!!!!! i’m going to make my kids do this for me and hopefully it will look as good! Jame some […]

advent take two –story one…

I decided last year that i was going to compile a list of my favorite Christmas advent stories… and read one every night to my kids during the month of December….and I  didn’t do it last year. and I  barely remembered this year when I found my mom’s book…. and I  was going to put […]

advent ideas

okay, i’m just as shocked as you are that this is posting BEFORE december….(okay..one day before but still) but let’s talk advent! i love them i don’t know about you but my kids are a nuisance i mean really curious about how many days until santa comes and spoils them rotten and ask ALLTHETIME. so […]

star wars mat

In a galaxy far far away (my brain)–I decided to make a star wars mat. and I went and bought black felt …. and some yellow for the trim… then i took some white paint… and made some stars (paint was slightly watered down…and it will soak through the felt so make sure you have […]

a flannel blanket….

i am certifictable nuts. really. i found myself at joanns. surrounded by bolts of flannelstillintheplastictables upon tables of flannel and i started throwing everything onto my (stupid) little cart. really. they need some costco carts in that store… so, the lady at the checkout asks me what i’m making…. and i know i have the […]

gramma allie review!

okay..i’ve been waiting forever to make this joke about momma’s momma…but now i can’t really think of the best set up! darn!so it’s no secret that i’m obsessed a fan of i am momma hear me roar… and apparently SHE has a mom that roars also… just like last year we are doing homemade gifts […]

be YOU tiful

oh. pinterest. how did i live without you so long? it’s like i literally never have to have another creative thought again… source loved this. HAD to recreate it… I had this old frame..already painted white and pink….and i tried to pull a mandi and age the glass….(the only time it’s cool to look old) but i […]

a painted headboard…

sometimes titles suck…and giveaway the fantasticness you are about to behold. so let’s play a game called pretend you didn’t just read painted headboard. so i have this bed. for the devil child my 3 year old. and it’s floating against the wall of her room.  kinda like a daybed. and this is where you […]

omigosh. an actual thanksgiving craft before thanksgiving.

and it’s all because of my son’s kindergarten teacher… who sent home this: a poor naked turkey. our assignment as a family was to dress it up… as a family. (my craft ocd wanted me to overtake it and make it all myself so it would be awesome and i wouldn’t have to compromise to […]

picnik…how to make printables!

so, i have gone over picnik a few times…mostly with my blog tips… you can go HERE for a basic idea….and then i kinda go over it here…but i had a few questions on how i made my halloween pictures…so i thought i would give you another quick rundown… now…before we begin..you are going to have to […]

another frame…

i scored this frame at the thrift store for $2…and it’s huge…like 15 inches by 15 inches…and really heavy duty…and while it was still cute…it didn’t match… so i painted it white….(with some krylon paint and primer in one) and added some stripes…. and painted it pink (ballet slipper) and peeled off the tape. (that […]