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holy felt mat batman….

So, I have been posting a lot of boy presents lately (I’m so proud by the way…boys are hard for me) I have been doing the crafty christmas..but my son’s birthday is today…so there are a few more boy stuff than normal (with more to come to..i’m trying to alternate it with my other posts so […]

for the star wars fan…..

  I have a few little boys in my life who love star wars….and I know about zilch about star wars….wait..I will tell you how much I know about star wars: like, I know about princess leia from when rachel dressed up like her from friends tv series and the millenium falcom from when duff […]

snowman in a hat

Finally we got some snow….not too excited for it…but i have to admit, it looks BEAUTIFUL!  Perfect Time to make a snowman in a hat…. step 1. buy hat (I got this hat at a party store…for about $4.)   step 3. buy scarf (dollar store!) step 4. get some rocks from the yard. step 5. […]

Stuffed animal scarf: For the stuffed animal lover/ slash cold weather liver.

Not like body part liver, like where you live. Okay. dumb title. I know. but I have to say I am so stinking excited about this project! so fun back story (cause I’m a talker–) my daughter loves stuffed animals. I have never been a fan (barbies on the other hand….!) anyways. I was slowly […]


Baby it’s cold outside (are you singing along with will farrell and zooey deschamel? love you if you are)  anyway…Today I’m making Hand warmers…. cause quite frankly, I am from IDAHO. and if you want to know what we have in Idaho besides potatoes is FREEZING COLD WEATHER! and I hate it. honest. I lived […]

for the kid with a small attention span….

Remember my felt mats? (If the answer is no…or you need a refresher course…click HERE) I think these would make the most awesomest gifts! They are so fun to make…and you can make them so personable… I made one for my nephew (months ago I might add) but I made this one special…. Travel size […]

Extend the life of your onesies…

this is for all you mommas out there…. I have this daughter who likes to be naked….a lot! (this is where i would post a picture but someday she will be old enough to be embarrassed and will hate me for it…but trust me, I have a whole slew of naked pictures!) oh..look i found […]

Time Saver

I love when I find things that make my life easier. LOVE LOVE LOVE I was originally going to make little monsters on cards..(loving little monsters ….little monsters and eyeballs) which would have entailed pulling out all my scrapbook stuff…..and figuring out how many eyeballs I wanted one monster to have….cutting it all out…gluing it […]

EYE see you. (eyeball magnets)

    I had a bunch of circles….. leftover from bubbles that used to be all over my bathroom walls….. Turned them into some semi scary halloween magnets  step by step progress: paint white take a little black on your brush and while the white paint is still wet you just go around the edges […]

more spider shirt love style.

so remember this from yesterday: well I made one for my daughter– my $3.50 walmart shirt: my pile of creepy crawly stuff laid out a few designs decided on something simple but the more I got looking at this shirt….the more I liked it and didn’t want to hot glue it with spiders. so I […]

spider shirt

I got this Idea from the martha stewart show… (pre-jail martha) I am or was a huge fan of martha….I loved her old show and watched it religiously…now…not so much. sorry martha. but I still love you. YOU are a good thing! anyways…I took a shirt that actually used to be my sisters (everyone in […]

and a craft from the heart

ohhhh. I would so rather be silly. but every once in awhile I will show some true emotion!  I was cleaning out my desk and found this It’s a rejection letter. Love those. don’t know why I kept it.  So maybe I knew who to toilet paper.  It was  a rejection letter to my husband. […]

pumpkin bowling

Last year, I somehow found myself in charge of my daughters halloween party at school…hmm..25 kids. yeah. I had to  think of something that would entertain. ENTERTAIN. I had all these old formula tins (um..do I need to once again remind you of the hoarding that is me?) and I hot glued decorations onto them. […]

it’s fall….finally!

so I finally FINALLY set out my fall stuff…the leaves are turning yellow and falling….the days are still warm (thank goodness for that) but the nights are getting cold…so I finally am declaring it fall…which means halloween….and I love halloween. and I love halloween decorations..the gross and eeww and all that jazz…so first up is […]