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growth chart

 today we are using our cricuts to make  a GROWTH chart! Yippe.  I’m somewhat obessed with them…and have been hoarding ideas on what to do. I didn’t want to do one on a wall (we rent) cause i didn’t want to be like the new karate kid (with will smith’s boy) and have to leave […]

we’ve got ears…

say cheers!  to complete my daughter’s outfit I made some mickey ears (or minnie ears since there are bows on them.)  start with a circle of felt… snip it and overlap the piece and hot glue it… makes a nice little cup shape. then I just added a bow some with ribbon…some with fabric… (I made the […]

the mickey invites and cupcake toppers and games and….oh wait that’s all (today)

nothing special…black paper…some polka dots…faux buttons.  I just traced a bowl for the big circle and then traced a cup for the two ears. and then mass produced…. Just some circles with sharpie dots..YOU COULD use actual buttons…but when you are making a dirty dozen then you don’t to deplete your white button stash. I […]

hot dog hot dog

if you just finished with hot diggity dog…than this post is for you. my daughter is OBSESSED with mickey mouse clubhouse.  (thank goodness) it’s the first cartoon where she actually sat down and SAT STILL. It was amazing. her birthday is on EASTER (even though we celebrated it a day early) and so this week […]

hoppity hop hop.

First: about my side bar poll. You suck.  it was a trick question and the majority of you FAILED. the correct answer was NO agaagg is practically perfect in every possible way.losers. okay I take that back. I still love you. but don’t expect some HUGE change right away. baby steps. baby steps. ONTO WHAT […]

paint chip garland

This week, I found myself in charge of activity days for my church (it’s where girls ages 8-12 get together to do stuff) and I was supposed to do an easter craft. hmm. I love crafts. not the greatest with seasonal ones. but when I saw this paint chip garland on modern parents messy kids […]

another downeast shirt:

i’m sorry..can’t help it..love me some downeast the inspiration! I took a white shirt and cut strips… all different sizes and put my diaper (luvs…) cardboard in between the shirt so I could easily pin on the strips and started pinning. then I just sewed each strip! warning…..I took a millionbijillion pictures….and to tell you […]

magnetic sheet

Here’s what we are making…. A giant sheet painted so your kids can get out of your hair and play with it for hours… Perfect for Road trips! You just need a cookie sheet and paint (and chalkboard paint if you want to go that route! THE BEFORE: Don’t judge…I’m going to let you see a […]

don’t laugh. (my artwork)

Last time I was at my mom’s I grabbed my high school art portfolio.  Oh my gosh. good to know that I was as immature in high school as I was today. I thought I would share some: i drew a lot of naked babies. I asked my husband if I could put this in […]


per my  husband’s request..I cleaned out my clothes… this was ONE pile (I have one hiding in my laundry room too!) he was so excited that I was finally getting rid of something (hoardersrus) but little did he know..I had no intention of giving this to some thirft shop. It was going into my refashionista […]

ctr towel

In our church, kids get baptized at age 8–This towel is a fun gift to give! (and CTR stands for CHOOSE THE RIGHT) My niece got baptized! I’m super into handmade gifts these days…you don’t have to worry about her getting it from someone else (my nephew got like 4 tie tacks at his baptism) […]

prettifiy a binder

Actually…these are for boys..so let’s coolifiy it not prettifiy it.) My nephews had a birthday (plural…two separate birthdays)  and they love football cards.  So I coolified a binder to hold their massive ever growing collection of football cards (okay, in all honesty..I just don’t get football cards. why would a boy want these? they don’t […]

quilt shout outs.

I love the look of quilts.but I do not the posses the preciseness gene to do them. I don’t like measuring –so quilting is really not my cup of tea…but I do like admiring them… Diary of a quilter This doesn’t even hint at all the wonderful quilts that is over there. AMAZING a pretty […]

lacing cards–kids crafts

My sister made by daughter these for Christmas….and they are so cute…and so easy…and will hopefully entertain your kids a little bit during spring break (speaking of SPRING break…woke up to snow. awesome.) just some clip art laminated…I have this laminator and LOVE it!  (and if you don’ t have a laminator…you can use packing […]