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Time Saver

I love when I find things that make my life easier. LOVE LOVE LOVE I was originally going to make little monsters on cards..(loving little monsters ….little monsters and eyeballs) which would have entailed pulling out all my scrapbook stuff…..and figuring out how many eyeballs I wanted one monster to have….cutting it all out…gluing it […]

EYE see you. (eyeball magnets)

    I had a bunch of circles….. leftover from bubbles that used to be all over my bathroom walls….. Turned them into some semi scary halloween magnets  step by step progress: paint white take a little black on your brush and while the white paint is still wet you just go around the edges […]

more spider shirt love style.

so remember this from yesterday: well I made one for my daughter– my $3.50 walmart shirt: my pile of creepy crawly stuff laid out a few designs decided on something simple but the more I got looking at this shirt….the more I liked it and didn’t want to hot glue it with spiders. so I […]

spider shirt

I got this Idea from the martha stewart show… (pre-jail martha) I am or was a huge fan of martha….I loved her old show and watched it religiously…now…not so much. sorry martha. but I still love you. YOU are a good thing! anyways…I took a shirt that actually used to be my sisters (everyone in […]

and a craft from the heart

ohhhh. I would so rather be silly. but every once in awhile I will show some true emotion!  I was cleaning out my desk and found this It’s a rejection letter. Love those. don’t know why I kept it.  So maybe I knew who to toilet paper.  It was  a rejection letter to my husband. […]

pumpkin bowling

Last year, I somehow found myself in charge of my daughters halloween party at school…hmm..25 kids. yeah. I had to  think of something that would entertain. ENTERTAIN. I had all these old formula tins (um..do I need to once again remind you of the hoarding that is me?) and I hot glued decorations onto them. […]

it’s fall….finally!

so I finally FINALLY set out my fall stuff…the leaves are turning yellow and falling….the days are still warm (thank goodness for that) but the nights are getting cold…so I finally am declaring it fall…which means halloween….and I love halloween. and I love halloween decorations..the gross and eeww and all that jazz…so first up is […]

{Insert clever title here}

My cardboard playhouse made it on the top ten iron crafter……. (the theme was cardboard boxes) so go vote (even if you don’t vote for me….) there are some great ones over there! dude..i know this sucks. don’t hate me. i hate me. but people steal my crappy posts–so i just gotta. i love you […]


So many zippers….so little time top four re-zip it next two above Topsy Turvy Shop three above Craftaholic Annonymous (she has tutorials!) three above Reborne Jewelry arjas uni Bogate Feathered Whimsy and yes, I’ve already shown these before…but I love them so much (I was talking about the earrings…but I love the sisters too!) sisters […]

quiet book/activity binder perfect to keep the kids from making your rip your hair out!!!!

At my trip to walgreens I picked these up for less than 50 cents…(the red one I actually bought at walmart for $1. What a rip off!) Decided to make a whole binder of activities. so when you are headed to church or a dentist game or need a quiet activity in the car you’ve […]

a new take on the crayon roll.

So with the school sales, crayons are cheap! 25 cents cheap. and I probably bought my weight in them. We are big fans of the crayon roll–but I came up with a new twist. a crayon roll with a little tablet to color. I got these tablets at walgreens 6 for $1. can’t beat that […]

Pressed Flowers Bookmarks

We went a walk a month ago and my daughter picked every flower she saw. We ended up with a nice variety and we put them in a phone book to dry them. all flat and pretty. but then I thought…what are you supposed to do with a pile of pressed flowers. I took strips of […]

black baroque

I found this great Etsy shop Black Baroque I think it’s just adorable! I love the ornate black frames! and the pictures are just sooo cute! I had this old little frame leftover from a thrift store purchase…so i cut some old book pages to size and mod podged them in… and I might have spray […]

The greatest Birthday Cake Ever

I’m not crazy about cakes. I’m more of a cookie/brownie girl. (and I reallllllly don’t like them since I got kicked off of sytyc cause of my cake.) But I got a BIRTHDAY cake from my two sisters and I have never loved anything so completely. a cake made of glue sticks just some covered […]