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mason jars…for kids!

so remember how i hoard jars…well i’ve decided to do something with them! the first round was all about painting….(you can go HERE) this round is all for kids……. You might have seen this lava lamp around pinterest (well….sort of lava lamp…) well..we tried it…and it was a blast!!!! you just add…. and then you add…. […]

party shout outs!

what would birthday week be without a compilation of great party ideas from around blog world….? it just wouldn’t be. and this could quite possibly be the post that never ends….cause if you can think of a theme…there is a party for it…and i have found soooo many super fun ideas (dang you pinterest and […]

the princess party in full force

so the princess party is over (phew) BUTit was super fun…and i totally was too busy to take any pictures! (isn’t that usually how it goes?) but I did manage to snap some before the party started… i cleared out my shelf and turned it into a dress up station (just in case any girls […]

no one is going to come unless you have INVITATIONS!!!!

this isn’t my first rodeo princess party (third in fact….what can i say? we likey the princesses. (or i do and i push them on my daughters..) first invitations is….. My daughter loved playing with this…like the court jester had delivered it to her to invite her to the ball…. I had some of these […]

party favors PRINCESS PENS! and a game….

first..party favors–the princess bags were the main favor…but I had to have something super fun inside….. If you are an oldie of agaagg…you may remember my fancy nancy pens… well i made some… one for each purse…(and a few extras for the older cousins who were helping out) they are all hot glued (and oh my […]

princess bags

so here’s the real reason my daughter is having a princess party…. i really just wanted to make these princess bags (inspired by THIS pinterest pin… read the description i put…) as the party favor for the 8 little girls…. AND cause i’m  lazy awesome i did all with hot glue. I was sitting there […]

marble race

okay..my daughter’s birthday party is tomorrow…and  i’ve been working myself into a tizzy getting ready for it (after i lectured myself that i don’t need to go all out like some of the parties you see on pinterest…) (but then i do cause i’m dumbo) so i’m showing another fun gift my sister-in-law made for […]

road trip games!!!!

(this would have been awesome to post BEFORE spring break…but that requires thought and preparation..and i possess neither.) me and the husband aren’t great road trippers… well. let me rephrase. husband isn’t… he literally (said like rob lowe in parks and rec) falls asleep like this (just snapped my fingers) i mean he fell asleep […]

peacock shout outs

first : i want you to direct you to THIS blog— it’s about a little baby  girl that was just diagnosed with SMA which is an incurable disease caused be a genetic defect that attacks the muscles which causes inefficiency of the major bodily organs – especially of the respiratory system – and eventually leads […]

football practice

my sister in law (and brother) made this for my son and my nephew for christmas and it’s so much fun! i just had to share…(but it’s been cold so i was too chicken to go out and take pictures until now) the basic rundown: took a tarp..cut out shapes.. zip tied it around a […]

what to do with those expensive roses that die.

So…I’m not trying to rub it in your face…. but remember these beautiful flowers husband bought me for Valentine’s Day? and I loved them. and admired them.. and found the receipt in my car. and passed out. and woke up and thought…geesh.. that’s a lot of money to spend on something that dies. (I think that […]


random fact number 567…i grew up on a farm..and we had peacocks. so i totally am partial to them. but i was so stuck on what to make for my stytyc project….and kept my eyes open.. and found peacock stuff everywhere…. who knew they were so stinking popular! but i ended up doing this painting…… […]

the best kind of carrots to eat..

the kind filled with candy that is! an awesome lady in my ward made these for all the woman last year for easter (i know..she had to make like 40 at least! that is like crazy amount of work) and i saved mine (i ate the candy..but saved the carrot) and put it in my […]

oh walt…i love you. (aka disney printables how to)

If you love Disney and are planning on booking a trip…make sure to check out Get Away Today!  disney is my favorite favorite things. favorite. if you remember….i was cruella for halloween.. and basically the only vacation i ever took was to disneyland (pstt..make sure to check out my disney expert sponsor HERE!) I had […]