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ctr blocks

first: a winner for our paper bakery giveaway tt.scraps said… Wow!  Thanks for sharing them!  ūüôā email me at kimbowest 21 (@) gmail.com! I am a member of this church. and i’m in the primary (ages 3-12) and this year’s themed is CHOOSE the RIGHT. (which is a great theme if you are a member […]

the planket? the quillow?

this was a guest post over at postively splendid and i do think it’s quite clever…but i’m vain like that… and an easy project… introducing….. It’s a pillow…. it’s a blanket.. it’s a planket….? okay. so it’s a working title. (that was supposed to be sung to the pillow pet song) but whatever it is […]

pin cushion.

i lost my freakin tomato thing. (and the pins stuck in it.) so i had to whip one up! (and then buy some pins….) i measured around the lid….and cut it smaller…. hot glue fabric all around withs stuffing inside… nice and tight… then i hot glued it inside the lid and added another piece […]

the science box:

I ended up with my 10 year old nephew for christmas this year. and i was pretty stuck on what to get him. and then i came across science bob… and i thought, what boy doesn’t like exploding crap. (my 32 year old boy still likes exploding crap) so i compiled a whole box of […]

top twelve overall….

#1 is…… ¬†the menu board (my personal fav) #2 the car mats! all 420 of them… #3 diy drum shade #4 ¬†stuffed animal scarfs #5 faux board and batten #6 hopscotch¬†(and other games!) #7 star wars picture #8 ruffled lampshade #9 my vinyl HOME #10 ruffled aprons! love these cute little things! #11 cupcake stand […]

I thought i might get my act together and post today…

but i have to tell you. i have not missed you blog. no. that is a lie.¬† i have missed you. but after the craziness that is christmas it is sure dang nice to not plug in the glue gun.. and i don’t think i will until well into next week. so this will not […]

it’s a cinch!

I acutally learned how to make these bags when i volunteered to make some for humanitarian aid for my church… and you can go HERE for probably way better instructions…. I bought a yard of the football flannel..and i already had the yard of the red..(the red is just to make the inside look nice…you […]

buttons buttons buttons.

i¬† restrained from putting BUTT as the title with ON in the post. i’m maturing i think. it’s craft day here at the west house. no. let’s rephrase. everyday is a craft day. today is a kids craft day! we always make christmas crafts….last year it was the easy beaded candy canes…. and this year […]

i spy the best present ever. an ispy book…using our own toys

Not the most original..but it was so much fun to make…and i used all my kids favorites things so i know they are just going to love it… before we begin..you are about to see an extra crapload of toys. and looking back over…my kids are getting no toys for christmas. it seems like a […]

bam! (from elmers..)

okay…so this is the same basic ideas as yesterday… I traced it out on foam core board (i could literally buy 43 pieces of this stuff and use it ALL up!) used the knife again…. cut it out…. but instead of covering it…i used the painter’s markers! they are the BOMB! and comes in loads […]

christmas shout outs

corner house on under the table and dreaming i feel like i should be talking in hushed tones while i look at this wreath… and i thought i loved you then on sugar bee tissue paper!!!!! i’m going to make my kids do this for me and hopefully it will look as good! Jame some […]

advent take two –story one…

I decided last year that i was going to compile a list of my favorite Christmas advent stories… and read one every night to my kids during the month of December….and I¬† didn’t do it last year. and I¬† barely remembered this year when I found my mom’s book…. and I¬† was going to put […]

advent ideas

okay, i’m just as shocked as you are that this is posting BEFORE december….(okay..one day before but still) but let’s talk advent! i love them i don’t know about you but my kids are a nuisance i mean really curious about how many days until santa comes and spoils them rotten and ask ALLTHETIME. so […]

star wars mat

In a galaxy far far away (my brain)–I decided to make a star wars mat. and I went and bought black felt …. and some yellow for the trim… then i took some white paint… and made some stars (paint was slightly watered down…and it will soak through the felt so make sure you have […]