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so… usually i’m not this prompt.. but i had a halloween mutual dress up party… that no one dressed up for but me. (dumb losers.) but i totally wanted to do flo this year… cause A. it’s easy. i have almost all the suff B.  it doesn’t require a weird uncomfortable outfit that you are DYING to […]

boy look how to

i lost. boo hoo. i’m sad… cause A. i’m super competitive… (me and the husband may or may not have gotten in a brawl over an uno game) B. this competition really pushed me to sew outside myself comfort zone and C. i got crap done. i’m not sad  cause A. i’m so tired. B. […]

oh boy….

literally. it’s boy week over at project run and play. and this one about killed me. 5 pieces.don’t know why i hate myself…but i do  plus i always use the scraps (usually it’s hair bows for the girls…but i decided bow ties would be fun) this kid rocked it out for me! super patient while […]

scalloped skirt

 i thought i would write up an uninformative tutorial on the scalloped skirt…cause it IS my favorite thing….. now. i really did think about finishing the edges..but it really just wouldn’t give the effect i wanted. i wanted it be light and fluffly and comfortable. like a jersey skirt…but more than just a plain jersey skirt. i […]

white sheet challenge how to

I don’t do a whole lot of sewing tutorials on here…cause i don’t know what i’m doingand so i don’t take pictures…. so this is really a lame-o tutorial…but i thought i would share what i did in case there was any questions: all this was made using one white jersey sheet the end. just […]

t-shirt bracelet…{kid craft monday}

after i finished my project run and play outfit..i was surrounded by jersey scraps….. and we don’t waste…so me and the daughter sat down and made some bracelets– (she tells me, “You should change your blog to TWO girls and a glue gun.” how cute is that?)   just cause it’s funny… she’s all…”the pavement […]

yup…it’s time…again.

it’s time to vote again on project run and play!!!! this week is the white sheet challenge after thinking i might be going home last week..i really wanted to push myself…you know…no regrets kinda thing… i even did sleeves. which if you know me…i hate sleeves. hate. but my favorite thing is the skirt (kinda […]

cameron diaz dress how to–not really..more like what NOT to do.

so last week i squeeeeeeked by in project run and play. (i didn’t –so thanks for that–!) i mean. i had mentally prepared to go home. (hadn’t even started this weeks challenge…started yesterday!) just because me and this dress had troubles. big. huge. no..not huge…but annoying.  and i was sick on top of it…so it […]

beans beans the magical craft supply? (kid craft monday)

this is one of those mess crafts….that keeps you kids entertained for awhile. so win lose. you just need some beans…all colors and sizes. and a picture. the ones we used had numbers like a color coated system…but you can use any coloring book picture (it can even be already colored!) then you just take […]

fashion icon and time to vote for project run and play!

so. i had a really hard coming up with a fashion icon. so many people to be envious off…but i finally picked cameron diaz… cause a. she’s a jean and t-shirt kind of girl b. when she DOES dress up..she looks AMAZEBALLS C. and she likes pink (i’m assuming) and frankly..i just like HER. she’s […]

the sunshine dress…again..

I seriously can’t believe i won! i mean…EVERYONE’S dress was freakin amazing! it has me shakin in my boots for the next couple of weeks (watch me win this week and go home next week!) so…here’s a dirty little secret. i made two dresses..  the blue one came first….and i just wasn’t 100 percent. i wanted a […]

the girl flannel blanket

so. i made this cute flannel blanket…for a boy (go HERE) and i totally wanted to do a girl version. and when joanns pulled out their new plaiditude line… and this little plaid number was in it.. i knew i hit plaid pay dirt. and luckily 9 months ago everyone was mating with their mates…cause […]

shout out to the boys!

let’s hear it for the boy…   cheri okay..cheri is like the queen of boys….tons of great homemade awesomeness–go HERE source gives a whole new meaning to pillow fight slipcovers by shelley birthday present for the boy this year! and he will love me. monster packs i love these personality packs! source we know superheros […]

more boy crap…

one of my most popular posts ever here on agaagg are my felt activity mats.… plus … with two planned out in my head….what can i say..i’m addicted…  i got an email from someone who asked how the felt mats have been holding up…so i thought i would take some pictures and show you…(the only […]