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what to do with those expensive roses that die.

So…I’m not trying to rub it in your face…. but remember these beautiful flowers husband bought me for Valentine’s Day? and I loved them. and admired them.. and found the receipt in my car. and passed out. and woke up and thought…geesh.. that’s a lot of money to spend on something that dies. (I think that […]

carrots…purely for decoration…

i was looking at a shopko flyer and they had these curly metal carrots…and i thought…i could do that!I had this metal sheeting..(same stuff i use for my menu boards and to redo my light fixture.)and when you cut it real small it curls naturally.. (this stuff is about a dollar for this size… (called flashing at […]


random fact number 567…i grew up on a farm..and we had peacocks. so i totally am partial to them. but i was so stuck on what to make for my stytyc project….and kept my eyes open.. and found peacock stuff everywhere…. who knew they were so stinking popular! but i ended up doing this painting…… […]

the best kind of carrots to eat..

the kind filled with candy that is! an awesome lady in my ward made these for all the woman last year for easter (i know..she had to make like 40 at least! that is like crazy amount of work) and i saved mine (i ate the candy..but saved the carrot) and put it in my […]

oh walt…i love you. (aka disney printables how to)

If you love Disney and are planning on booking a trip…make sure to check out Get Away Today!  disney is my favorite favorite things. favorite. if you remember….i was cruella for halloween.. and basically the only vacation i ever took was to disneyland (pstt..make sure to check out my disney expert sponsor HERE!) I had […]

shout out sunday

monkey see monkey do this braided belt is amazing! love that pop of orange! simply klassic home love this love bench. (sharpie!!!!) aurora watches  how cool are these watches.? you pick one of these… and one of these..and custom color coordinate them to any outfit! mix and match. lowe’s can you guess what this is […]

love letters how to

i must live in texas cause everything is big this week! super large love letters! I orginally had another project for love week. something i wasn’t 100% sold on but i liked it more than any other ideas. and i got a phone call from my mom with this novel idea! and i got to work! […]

purse how to

I’m finally getting around to posting tutorials for some of my sytyc projects… this is perhaps one of my most favoritest things i’ve done. so much that if i was making it for a gift for someone..i would have gone out and bought a gift certificate to applebees just so i could keep it. one […]

rainbow shout outs

so when i got my list of themes from sytyc…i went through and pinterested (it’s a verb…like google) and found some inspiration pieces to get the juices flowing! and there is so much roygbiv that i had to share… fresh lemon quilts landee see landee do real life one day at a time design sponge […]

roygbiv how to.

SINCE I WON LAST WEEK…YIPEE! (more excited that i actually beat jessica! (even though she is kicking my trash again this week!)  I get to post my tutorial over at so you think you’re crafty so go HERE and read the easy how to… {i also put the print in my etsy shop HERE… along […]

painted mason jars

im’ a hoarder ( this is about the 15th post i have started with those exact words…) and i save stuff… jars mostly. prego ragu candles jam jellies pickles salsa basically if it comes in a glass jar i will save it. and it was starting to get a little out of hand. so i decided […]


so today i’m showing how i made my fun hearts for sytyc…(the tutorial for the print is tomorrow!) but first: i was instant messaging my old college roomie (i would insert embarrassing picture of us in college here but it’s downstairs…..and i’m upstairs. and i’m lazy. but she is an avid book reader. and you […]

ruffled table runner

so i had to make a cute table runner… cause what’s a new dining room table without a cute coverup. it’s like a pretty lady in a pretty dress.okay.it’s not. whatever. walmart just got in this set of navy blue and red polka dots and stripes…it’s very nautical and cute..but i just wanted this cute […]

oh alice

so..i didn’t exactly have a tutorial for this dress.. wait..let me show you the pictures i took um…i believe this is the collar… this next one is a picture of the pleats i made around the bottom of the skirt..i wanted to keep it simple cause alice is simple…but i wanted to jazz it up a […]