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so i have to share the cutest birthday party that my sister just did for her twinners.(i’m getting to the point where i need to start carrying around disclaimers for everyone to sign!) turns out…swiper stole the PARTY cupcakes (dang that swiper!!!) so everyone got outfited with some backpacks…. it’s foam…hot glue…and yarn around the […]


this was an oldie…(over at the expressions vinyl blog) but it’s one of my favorite redos.i just like to emphasis the fact that you really don’t need a cameo or other cutters to love vinyl like i do! (they do make it WAY more fun!) i have these shoes. and i’ve had them for years. […]

sidewalk paint

this is another pinterest favorite… it’s super easy and all the supplies are found right in your cupboard… i just fill up the cups about halfway with water… i add about 1/3ish cup of corn starch…i just dump it in… and stir it up…it will look like milk… then you get to add some color […]

marble maze

{AS SEEN ON PINTEREST}  i know i know…it looks like… but it’s not! It a super fun {quiet for the kids} activity. that keeps your kids quiet. and yes i put quiet in twice..cause it’s THAT important. I went up to my mom’s house and my sister was whipping out a bunch of these for […]

blog tips how it started….

it’s been awhile. maybe cause i literally just don’t know what i’m doing so it’s hard to pass on advice. nah–that’s not it. cause usually (even when crafting) don’t know what i’m doing and i still post tutorials all week long! (you can go HERE to read my blog tips thus far) anyways. i wanted […]

lacy shirt (also know as..the mullet shirt)

this was a guest post over at truly lovely! but i thought i would post it here…cause..well..it’s summer. and instead of crafting i’m sitting here eating an ice cream sandwich and watching the bachelorette. random fact number 678. My best friend in high school was named lacey so while patrolling through blog land… i came […]

a skirt to dress transformation

this skirt has been in my closet since the beginning of our marriage (which feels like fooorreevvverr) and i never wore it…so i thought it was time for an upcycle…. cute dress…cuter girl…stinky attitude. I bought this shirt at the dollar store…and then washed it…and it shrunk. like the one  on the right is what […]

i think this make it my third….maybe fourth..CHORE CHART

maybe i’m obsessed… maybe my kids just need new fresh ideas. i know i do. anyways…as i said yesterday…i  sleep in. so i thought, even though i being lazy…at least my kids can be productive…. so i made an easy reminder of the things they need to get done before they can play the 3ds, […]

tis the season to procreate….

dudes….i’m switching to pop  there must be something in the water cause everyone i know is getting knocked up. and that door is closed…and locked…twice..with a deadbolt. and maybe a chain…with a guard dog sitting in front of it… i mean i love kids..love. but i have given away my high chair. my crib is […]


I have been addicted to washi tape since the beginning! And the more you play around with it…the more amazing things you find to slap it on! It comes in so many fun colors and patterns and thicknesses! You can grab it in single rolls….or big old sets!   and of course..I have a whole PINTEREST […]

kitchen reveal

Alrighty…now…like i said on monday. i’m not like totally done. above my cupboards i have a TON of space…and i’m kinda stuck….but for now i’m okay with it.. so my kitchen was apple green and brown with a little red and blue (you can see a couple befores HERE and HERE (these are very beginner posts of […]

how to roygbiv

I got my kitchen all painted and decorated enough to call it quits and work on something else (i.e. i can’t figure out how i want all the excess space above my cupboards so i give up at the moment. ) so I thought i would give you a tour…but first i wanted to post […]

it’s sunday…..

and it’s time to see some awesomeness that is not mine:la famille the whole of it. just awesome. lil luna these personalized frames are just so sweet (and i love the colors!) blue robin cottage I keep singing FOXY LADY…. but i want one of these. cause i’m crafty like a fox. vixen made this […]

perfect timing for the avengers if i do say so myself…

  we went opening weekend to see the avengers with all the kids….and we got to the movie theater and saw the line in the parking lot and drove right on by to the redbox and rented we bought a zoo. SO NO SPOILERS! we are going to see it soon! so this is probably […]