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fashion icon and time to vote for project run and play!

so. i had a really hard coming up with a fashion icon. so many people to be envious off…but i finally picked cameron diaz… cause a. she’s a jean and t-shirt kind of girl b. when she DOES dress up..she looks AMAZEBALLS C. and she likes pink (i’m assuming) and frankly..i just like HER. she’s […]

the sunshine dress…again..

I seriously can’t believe i won! i mean…EVERYONE’S dress was freakin amazing! it has me shakin in my boots for the next couple of weeks (watch me win this week and go home next week!) so…here’s a dirty little secret. i made two dresses..  the blue one came first….and i just wasn’t 100 percent. i wanted a […]

the girl flannel blanket

so. i made this cute flannel blanket…for a boy (go HERE) and i totally wanted to do a girl version. and when joanns pulled out their new plaiditude line… and this little plaid number was in it.. i knew i hit plaid pay dirt. and luckily 9 months ago everyone was mating with their mates…cause […]

shout out to the boys!

let’s hear it for the boy…   cheri okay..cheri is like the queen of boys….tons of great homemade awesomeness–go HERE source gives a whole new meaning to pillow fight slipcovers by shelley birthday present for the boy this year! and he will love me. monster packs i love these personality packs! source we know superheros […]

more boy crap…

one of my most popular posts ever here on agaagg are my felt activity mats.… plus … with two planned out in my head….what can i say..i’m addicted…  i got an email from someone who asked how the felt mats have been holding up…so i thought i would take some pictures and show you…(the only […]

a quilt..for boys…

I don’t know where this idea came from…probably when I was in my bed. cause  that is the only time it’s quiet enough for me to think. but I got super excited for it. A car quilt!   I wanted a quilt… that you could cuddle in and be all warm and cozy when you […]

we interrupt boy week….

to show you this very girly dress….(and me freakin out!) it’s the FIRST week of competition at project run and play! and this sunshine dress is my submission– GO HERE TO VOTE~! as with all the competions i’m in..please go vote..for your favorite. doesn’t have to be mine…just vote! with the calibur of woman i’m […]

thor’s hammer…

sometimes i pull things out of my arse that makes me the coolest mom ever….. and this is one of those things… i had cut out some signs from foam core boards…and had a giant L shape leftover that my son was carrying around and using as his thor hammer…wheels started turning…glue gun got heated up….and the […]


and what better to go with an awesome striped tie…then some pimp suspenders. I got these awesome clips from here they got loads of awesome supplies for binky clips and suspenders… i got 3 per suspenders (you could do 4 and make a basic x instead of a y like these from kohls i just […]

a tie. {lame (but descriptive) title.}

my sister was getting married. oh shoot me now–i know that is like the 400th post that i have started with that sentence…. BUT we did want all the boys to have matching ties… my sister wanted some big dramatic bold stripes… source source and wouldn’t you know it…my little joanns didn’t have anything. and […]

captain america shield…

first day of BOY WEEK… I decided to do a boy week…cause..well…i had 5 posts of boy crap. and everyone loves a themed week. and…boys are extremely overlooked in the crafting world. i googled how much a captain america shield costs: the cheapest one was 17. this was free for us… so i call it a win. […]

my sister’s reception…

we actually (and when i say we..i mean it was a group effort) had the reception in my parent’s backyard. i have always wanted to have mine there…but i got married in march. in idaho. and so it was a no go for me. but august turned out perfect! and i thought i would share… […]

the tags from yesterday….

so i posted about my birthday –and the almost 30 nice things i did…sharing today all the printables i made to go with them…(all of these were made using picmonkey!) if you fold this in half it will make a card: and in case you need LOTS of room …. okay.. a few of these […]

the birthday project.

so awhile ago..I got wind of the birthday project. I don’t know about you…but I hate my birthday. I dunno why. but I do. and thirty is one of those that hits hard…(for me) So i thought on my birthday i could either a. lay in bed all day and think about how crappy 30 is and then get […]