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april fools dinner

first: i feel like i should get 1,000,000 bonus points for being on the ball and posting something BEFORE the actual holiday. it’s an april fools miracle!!!!   I remember my sister doing this for a date dance…and as a  kid (cause my sister was so much OLDER than me (ha! ) I thought it […]

silver fingerprint bracelet (or charm) knock off

one of my favorite posts…and most pinned is my fingerprint pendants (go HERE) They are so fun and easy and it’s a great gift for moms that doesn’t involve macaroni and glue…. they can be turned into charms..keychains..necklace and bracelets (mine are being used as ornaments on a christmas tree) And then i saw these—and i […]

friendship bracelets…kid craft monday!

to go with the sculpey initials we made last week… i totally remember doing these as a kid. and if it was good for me as kid.. it’s good for my snot nosed kids. just kidding about the snot… but they do have noses.. and they are kids. dudes. friendship bracelets are making a comeback! i see […]

shout out sunday

girl loves glam   i love cut it out frames and i love washi tape. and then they had a baby thanks to girl loves glam and all was right in the world….

the power of DIY….a lamp redo tutorial

my son needed a lamp in his room and me…being me….looked around for one… and gasped when the cheapest one i could find was UGLY. and not that cheap. and i wasn’t wasting money on something will probably be hit with a swordbatfootballanyball mutiple times. so i hit up the thrift stores….. and found this […]

the dentist office…

    back story: i used to work at a kids dentist office. my mother in law is the office manager..and my sister in law was the front desk–and she had a baby…and we kinda did this swap where she would work the mornings and i worked the afternoons. I loved it…it was super fun […]

free candy bar wrapper thank you (and congrats) printables!

cute easy and FREE candy bar printable (thank you and congrats!)

hanky panky (kid craft monday) diy handkerchief

We’ve been slowly doing sewing lessons for my kids. (cause you are never too young) anyways…we decided to come up with a craft they could make…an easy sewing tutorial…. not really embroidered….but made to look like it! Start by making a square of fabric…I just bought a yard of white…(but you can buy handkerchiefs for pretty […]

princess beach cover up

i might have accidently scheduled this last friday…then i realized my mistake…and took it off.then i got a bunch of emails mad at me cause they wanted to see it…..so sorry about that….without further ado…  the cutest thing ever…compiled with the lamest non-tutorial ever…. I saw THIS Pinterest pin with a cinderella  cover up. it […]

Craft it forward by Michaels–Spring Wreath

DID you know that Feb 17 is random act of kindness day? wellllll…it is.  and michaels store has really taken that to heart… making a WHOLE week of it! they generously sent me $100 gift card to buy stuff to make a craft for someone else… Well I was all over that! we could make this a monthly […]

valentines ….printables!

let me tell you something i love… i love coming up with cheesy valentines. i do. love them. give me a treat…and i’ll make up something to go with it… (don’t believe me…check out THIS post from last year…..) anyways…this year i was getting valentines ready…and i had a flash back to my son’s halloween […]

mason jars –it’s more than just a vase!

i’m back…showing more glass jar crap..cause even though i’m making a dent..i know i have a box full in the storage unit. sooooo…..if you want more glass jar ideas go HERE (we have done…vinyl jars, painted jars and jars for kids… and today is …jars…more than just a vase… see..even ryan likes glass jars… i mean…using […]

Jello poke cake

First: once again…new found respect for food bloggers. food is probably the hardest thing to take a good picture of…. and I have a horrible 4 year old. and b. I bake. not cook. I have accepted the fact that I’m no Rachel ray. or Emeril. or the part of Martha that can cook. but I like making sweets. […]

lego board

my nephew loves legos… (i made the lego felt mat for him.) anyways i had his name for christmas… and we were supposed to do homemade gifts… but the older you get–the harder it gets. so this is about as homemade as it gets… the things you need (plus paint and glue..and vinyl…and some other tupperware […]