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Finish the picture (kid craft monday!)

Finish the picture… I can’t even tell you what grade I did this in art class…but I loved it…and so I made my kids do it! and guess what? They loved it too! You scroll through magazines and find fun pictures…and cut out a piece of it. glue it on some paper then you hand your kids […]

winnie the pooh!

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland–Check out Get Away Today!  This post is brought to you by Disney and BluePrint Social. All opinions are 100% mine. Are you a humongous fan of Winnie the Pooh like I am? That silly old bear has some Major  words of wisdom. And i was so excited […]

Back to school in style with Duck Tape®

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I’ve mentioned if previously. I’m cheap. i recently went on a rant about how all the cute school supplies are way expensive and the really cheap ones are plain janes.    Last year i jazzed up […]

a glue gun and some earrings and a giveaway.

I received this glue gun and some compensation to review from gluegun.com but…as with everything i review…i only blog about the products i love! (and i love glue guns!) I recently got a new addition to the agaagg family… a new glue gun! and do you notice anything different about her??? hmmmm? no cord!!! yup! it’s […]

sunday shout outs…back to school addition…

  a pumpkin and a princess   east coast creative       my sister’s suitcase   shaken together sugar bee crafts my sister at everything etsy sew timeless 733 blog oh happy day lil luna lolly jane and lolly jane again… raising up rubies eighteen 25 bloom designs spoonflower 30 handmade days eighteen 25 […]

frosted glass

(I got my computer back today!!! it’s literally like cutting off my right hand (and i’m right handed) when i don’t have it. THANK goodness for my iphone!) anyways…i dug up another blast from the past to tie you over until i get my act together)   Hi. my name is kim. and today i’m […]

holy old…memo board

this post is about two years old…..so excuse the crap pictures… and it was done for the diy club…basically i got a bunch of free stuff and i had to try to use as much of it as i could…so that’s why there are a ton of links! i had this bulletin board…that i recovered […]


a few weeks ago i posted about the things we planned on doing when we went camping.… and now i’m here to follow up on the crap..and show you a couple other fun things we did as well!!! first up tie dye it was so fun…and a hot mess. we didn’t have enough gloves…and some […]

9 ikea 10 projects and 4 new bloggers to check out = a lot of numbers.

alright…yesterday i showed you the ikea challenge (refresher picture) and the first project i made…..(here) and i’m A. going to link up to the studio 5 video of us.. (go HERE)   as much as i HATE the sound of my voice… random sidenote. i puked about 10 minutes before shooting. itwasnotawesome.   and then […]

quiet book pages

i had a garage sale–which causing me to clean and sift through all my crap. and have i mentioned i’m a hoarder? well i am.   anyways…i came across these quiet book pages i made for my kids…before i blogged…so i snapped a few pictures to share i buy the sheets of felt (cause they […]

personalize your school supplies with vinyl!!!!

this was a post i did last summer at expressions vinyl…but since we just went last night and stocked up on our school supplies (cause if you don’t do it early you will be left with slim pickins) I thought it would perfect timing to make a reappearance here…. i was at walmart the other […]

happy birthday to you. you look like a monkey and you smell like one too.(free printables)

birthday week just wouldn’t be complete with a bunch of free happy birthday printables! I’m always needing a few easy tags to stick on presents…so here you guys go! (just click on them and save to your computer!)   you could easily print these into cards too..

the new dentist office…..

so…i’ve talked about the cute dentist office HERE and showed you the little things i did HERE and now it’s time for the new dentist office reveal! (keep in mind –i didn’t do this all..i will point out the portions i did. I live about an hour and half away so i didn’t want to […]

lacy shorts

remember when i showed you all different ways to cut off your pants and make shorts???? no? well what’s wrong with you? okay. HERE is a refresher course. i’ll wait. alright… well. since we are girls. and we like lace… we decided to jazz up those shorts… items needed: shorts. and ur…lace. and i guess […]