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bow shirt

first,   remember the sticker project? well she’s started to get shipments… you can go HERE to see the TABLE full of stickers… with more packages on the way! it’s freakin awesome. This is something you may have already seen…..but to bad so sad. I like to make sure all my tutorials get posted here…..(anal or […]

cookie cutter ornaments (kid craft monday)

okay. so the youth program in my church does a giving tree during the holiday season. we put up things a family would need this christmas season and then the ward picks what they want and buys for them…then we wrap and deliver.  and a while ago i see these ornaments on pinterest and i […]

joy to the world..and vinyl

a cute simple vinyl project…. I have since revamped for the sake of BETTER pictures! The above is the old pics… I got three frames from the dollar store and spray painted them red…and got this awesome pack of snowflakes and one of these got a red makeover also… (dollar store too and I have these […]

christmas envelopes

This was a guest post last year….and since i still don’t have my act together (shooting for 2014!!! it will be a good year!) i’m reposting these here….cause A. i want to . B. these are super cute and C. i can’t find anything in my draft box so i have to clean it out. […]

personalized candle (kid craft monday)

(this is a kid craft monday post. but i’ve been sick. and today is the first day i don’t feel like i’m dying.and  I’m finally getting my act together. so let’s all just pretend it’s monday…) This little candle would be so cute for your kid’s teachers…grandparents…bus drivers…heck. I want one. I love candles. mostly […]

batting T from mr. agaagg

my husband crafted… oh wait..excuse me simacb.… i mean he made a project. almost every monday we head to the baseball field and have batting practice. (this obvs was written before it got butt cold) my husband bought 48 softballs (why 48? cause 24 just ain’t enough) and he bought a kids batting t  for […]

store your vinyl

today is all about your vinyl.. First..i buy all my vinyl HERE at expressions vinyl. it’s my favorite store. they have loads of colors and patterns and it’s CHEAP…and i’m cheap. not like pretty woman cheap.. but like thrifty cheap. my awesome bff got me these storage things for my birthday (i think she said […]

winners, advent, chocolate, printables, christmas, design dazzle. all in one. cause i’m talented like that.

showing off this… one candy a day until christmas!!!!! see it here. and in case you need some printables to make your very own….. here ya go.  

ikea! and lazy susans

i love you.  the end. need i say more? not really. but i will. i went to ikea (far to long ago) and i left with…the new magazine…oh…and some legs…for my desk. (we were in a hurry..and i knew that if i started…i would NEVER STOP) anyways. my parents went back with my sisters the […]

a thanksgiving treasure hunt

you know the worst part about the holidays? everything. oh no i didn’t. (i’m sorry..this time of year just stresses.me.out. i’m literally about 1/2 done with christmas shopping and i want to pull my hair out..) i’m trying to crank it out and be done before december even starts so i can just get it […]

kid craft monday {turkey}

we made these fun little turkeys to spruce up the house….i don’t know about you –but I CAN NOT put up my christmas until thanksgiving is over. i feel bad for thanksgiving…it gets the shaft. (but come friday we will singing mariah carey’s all i want for christmas song until my husband’s ears bleed) anyways…we […]

binky clip

okay…remember when I made suspenders…? i got that awesome girl to send me a pile of clips-– well..i had her throw in an extra one…so i could show you what you are really supposed to do with them… binky clips are easy..and cute and a NECESSITY! raise your hand if you have been driving your […]

boy pillows….

so i’ve got a fun upcycle for you tomorrow…but since i need my son to finish taking pictures…i thought i would show you the “boy” pillows i made for it…. BUT–before we begin…you need to go HERE and see the basic way i do pillows…with an opening in the back..cause boys are gross…and i know these […]

embellishing…..gloves that is.

okay…..almost like button gloves…but you can embellish gloves loads of different ways… add some lace.. the only trick is to pull the glove bottom as you sew the lace around…that way you still have stretch in it and can get your glove on…. horrible hand modeling at work….but you can see how fun and fancy […]