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polka dotted tights

i love fall  no. i LOVE summer. BUT i love fall wardrobe more than summer. and one of my most favoritest things about the fall wardrobe is cardigans! but this post isn’t about cardigans. it’s about my OTHER most favoritest things about fall.. TIGHTS! (it’s probably cause you don’t have to shave your legs) but […]

the family tree…..moving week!

I don’t even want to link up this next post…. it’s my family tree—i painted it right on the wall…. and I already took all my pictures down but i wish i would have taken new pictures…cause the ones in the how to post are lame. cause i was lame. (maybe still am just a […]

bubble gum dispensers are my favoritest things. (moving week!)

So i made this bubble gum thing from a terra cotta pot…. and then i found one at the thrift store (that is empty and i’m planning on sealing it and using it as a fish tank…cept i don’t want a fish…so a fake fish tank.   and then i go on craigslist and shop […]

growth chart (moving week)

One thing that i’m glad i didn’t put right on the wall is my growth chart…. I added vinyl on wood and so now i get to unscrew it to the wall and take it with me! i seriously contemplated just adding vinyl right to the wall…and the whole thing would have been wasted! thrown […]

fake board and batten…(moving week!)

I can NOT tell you how much a little fake board and batten make a HUGE difference in my living room!!! It was this huge wall that ran into the kitchen and everything look dwarfed on it cause it was just…there. but the b and b really broke it up and made it feel sooooo […]

knobby frame (moving week)

cleaning out the girls room…i took down this frame… and it’s one of my favorites. the knobs. the pink. the stripes! with the girls new room redo it will probably get remade again…which is a shame cause it’s just so darn cute! go HERE for the tutorial  

food friday –funnel cake

i’ve made the executive decision to start food friday.  (cause i’m the President of this blog. so i can literally make the executive decision to do what I please. like start naked saturdays. or weird youtube video wednesday.) I happen to LOVE food (as much as I HATE taking pictures of it) and since the […]

houndstooth dresser and a wall

This dresser was featured on the cutting edge stencil blog and i THEN realized that i never posted it here!!!! (the pictures don’t get bigger! one of those awesomesauce things that happened when i switched from blogger to wordpress)   this post started with a dresser makeover….the before… i use my awesome purdy 6 in 1 […]

kid craft monday –perler bead art

I got my new ikea magazine. i adore ikea. i could spend probably 3 posts just highlighting the things i love in the magazine. but on one page they had this: perler beads that were framed. so simple. and yet i loved it! we always have perler bead projects laying around…i’ve stuck magnets to the […]

photography week shoutouts!!!

  this pillow is too cute not have sitting on your chair! from cut out and keep     and everything about this printable is my favorite! happy little hangings     me. want. source oh. i adore thee you cute little mini camera bag.     source     i’ve blogged about these backdrops before […]

free photography printables

it’s really easy to create a camera in picmonkey…it’s just a bunch of shapes…here’s a few you can use if you have a specific color or quote you want to put with it (upload it as as sticker and you can change the color!) you can print these off and frame them…or mod podge them […]

what fun is a camera without a fun camera strap?

so obvs i hate the plain and boring. believe you me…if i could spray paint my camera hot pink…i would. or bright yellow. but since it’s frowned upon..(voided warranty) i decided to fancy up my camera strap instead! (i ended up making 3..cause when i’m winging it…i feel like it takes me 3 tries to […]

photography week!!!!

guess what starts tomorrow….. its photography week…… let me tell you what it’s NOT… me telling you how to take awesome pictures. cause i’m still learning let me tell you what it IS… awesome. so stayed tuned!!!!!  

birthday binder

so..last time i was at my mom’s i found this birthday binder i made for her…. (it was a super saturday craft day project…so i have no idea the original source… but it’s too cute not to share!) it’s a fun binder that holds cards and a list by month of everyone’s special day! there […]