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the new dentist office…..

so…i’ve talked about the cute dentist office HERE and showed you the little things i did HERE and now it’s time for the new dentist office reveal! (keep in mind –i didn’t do this all..i will point out the portions i did. I live about an hour and half away so i didn’t want to […]

lacy shorts

remember when i showed you all different ways to cut off your pants and make shorts???? no? well what’s wrong with you? okay. HERE is a refresher course. i’ll wait. alright… well. since we are girls. and we like lace… we decided to jazz up those shorts… items needed: shorts. and ur…lace. and i guess […]

camping ideas!

(this post may contain affiliate links) I hate camping.   the end.  just kidding (kinda…but I do camp like this:     I love the chance to unplug (even though I come back to 100’s of  emails and waaaaay behind in my bloglovin) and the opportunity to not wear makeup.   I just hate being dirty. and squatting. not.a.fan. But […]

household trivia and young woman’s printables

remember HERE when i talked about a mutual idea and some young woman’s personal progress printables? don’t have a clue what personal progress is? go HERE ANYWHOs…it’s time for more…. first…a fun mutual idea we did was common household trivia. (you know…those things you have to learn the “hard way” after you leave the nest) […]

bubblegum necklace

i’ve mentioned it numerous times..but it’s worth repeating. i love my family. ‘specially when they save cute little things they get along the way for me. like this bubblegum necklace that my mom got at her girl’s camp! it’s soooo cute! You could put each color for a value for young woman’s in your church […]

kid craft monday—water balloon summer fun roundup!

Baby—it’s HOT outside! so let’s cool off with a loads of fun water balloon ideas! first up>>>> fun things to buy that make water balloons easy peasy! my faucet doesn’t work with the  adapter…and i don’t want to spend hours sitting on the ground on the side of my house filling them up…so I love […]

uses for paracord bracelets

yesterday i posted about paracord bracelets….and my husband says this “isn’t there a purpose for these paracord bracelets….?” and i say “yes. to look good on my wrist.” and he says ,” no i mean survival crap” (he says crap as much as i do) so i googled it…and wouldn’t you know…LISTS of useful things […]

how to make paracord bracelets

last time we were at my mom’s -my sister brought all the stuff to make paracord bracelets. we sat down and CRANKED out tons of fun bracelets! i posted about it on facebook and people wanted a tutorial–and since your wish is my command….. ages approx 7ish to 100 can do this…my daughter is 9 and […]

summer wreath

  i had so much fun making this bandana wreath and i had this lonely watermelon hanging on my door….so i decided to add a little wreath for it to hang on instead! same basic construction..pool noodle duct taped together and then wrapped with fabric. the bow was left on and i was going to […]

a “cool” bandana

it’s HOT outside…. so let’s cool down with this awesome neck bandana (you throw in the freezer to get cool and wrap it around your neck when you are sweaty and hot) and it only takes 1 bandana and some beans…so less than $1.50! you wrap it in a tube–and it’s got beans in so […]

bandana roundup!

so…to end our fun bandana week..(well at least i hope you had fun!) i got a whole bunch of other fun ways to use it (or incorporate the design…! source like these floor cushions! how awesome would these be in a toy room? source or paint the design on a cake! love this! source source […]

bandana bow tie (all hot glue!)

i love a man in bow tie. i love a little boy in bow ties even more! and this hot glue bow tie is really easy!!!!! you need 1 bandana…and a hot glue gun. 1. this is the bandana i used…you will want to pick which section you want to show before you slice and […]

bandana for the boy

  now…not to leave out the boy… i’ve got some fun  bandana boy ideas! my son loves dress up…and pirates…and anything violent. so try out this easy bandana mask.. i folded over one bandana to make a triangle and stitch along the bottom (you can omit the is step if you want) then i cut […]

bandana purse

this ruffly purse takes 2 bandanas….and a little more sewing skills you are going to need the two center pieces….. then for the ruffles you cut the design like this…so they are all even. cut the middle piece down to size–however big or small you want it. then ruffle the strips (you can do these […]