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what i wore–scarf edition

lets get real. i have no chest. okay. i do. but they aren’t something to brag about. and when i gain weight i gain it in my gut. it’s super pretty. so i have this love of scarves cause i feel like it just adds to my front like no Victoria secret bra can. so […]

Plaid square scarf (scarf week)

i think in a past life i was a lumberjack. i love plaid. and here’s a bonus for it…it’s double sided. the pattern is on both sides so it’s like MEANT for scarves. i bought this  cute green/gray plaid square scarf  from Downeast awhile back…   and i had to recreate it! i bought a […]

T-shirt fringe scarf (no sew!) scarf week

for all you non-sewers out there….i’ve got a couple no sew scarfs! this one is super easy–and all it requires is an old knit shirt (stretchy!) i actually bought one at joanns (on sale 4 for $9) cause my daughter is lovin the neon theme (hello early 90s) I bought mine xl…and it wraps around […]

giant chalkboard art for cheap!

Oh my house. guys. I really love you! Thanks so much for all the ideas and pin links you gave me on this post (for more behind the scenes stuff follow me on INSTAGRAM (agirlandagluegun) and I always am asking your vote on things like this….. My living room has two vaulted ceilings. LOTS OF space to […]

my new house…update! and a plea for help!!!

EDITED TO ADD! I have added some fun things to my house (it has been almost three years now! Head HERE to see them!) Guys…I am having such a hard time with this house!!!!! (I moved 4 months ago..you can go HERE to see the move in pictures)   Don’t get me wrong. i love […]

rubber band bracelets without the loom!

So I really was going to buy a loom..honest. but then I realized that my kids would outgrow these bracelets fast.. (just like they did the paracord bracelets.…) so being resourceful…we decided to just do it by hand (literally!) these are super fun and EVERYWHERE! i have seen the rubberbands at the most random of places… joanns […]

food friday–giant kisses for valentines day!

A really fun and easy treat to make for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.  A giant KISS! AND with Rice Krispies on the inside, it will be a sure crowd pleaser! I’ve even got some free printable tags to attach to them!   I totally remember my sister and mom making a giant kiss… […]

hanging makeup organzier

fyi…this is my 1500 published post. i think i need an interevention…..i’ve been blogging for 4 years in feb….so that equals 350 posts a year. holy crap. no one tell my husband.   I love when people give me ideas of crafts…this one came from my mother in law! she just moved (i’m so sad […]

our diyed christmas presents–superhero mask, stamped scarves, and a dog house!

I thought before we get any further into jan…i would show you a couple random christmas presents…. diy of course. we didn’t get all hog crazy like last year–(we (sisters) took pity on ourselves and said no to homemade this year)   but Monday before christmas me and the kids were all sitting around.  you […]

poppyseed glazed ham sandwiches

so. listen. when i post recipes i don’t you all to be like pashaw! that is a six sisters recipe! cause i ain’t trying to knock off recipes. All i’m doing is sharing recipes that have slowly filled up my recipe binder through the years… old hand me downs tried and true recipes. new recipes […]

the underground of blogging….

Me and husband get in constant “debates” (air quotes around debates…cause they are more like fighting matches….cause we like to fight….) about my blogging “job” (air quotes around job cause the argument is that when you get to do a job in your pajamas with yesterdays mascara under your eyes it’s not a job…..more like […]

family tree quilt

I’m so excited for Christmas to be over (for a few different reasons..did anyone feel the frustration of shopping for 4 months and then it was over in 15 minutes? no? just me? Anyways. now I get to share some presents that we crafted this season! My parents are awesome–and this year instead of getting the […]

kids coloring–thank you cards –free printable!

my son was recently baptized…(read more about my religion HERE) omigosh. he’s the cutest ever. love this kid. anyways…the family all came–and it was such a special day! i wanted a way for him to show a little appreciation to the family (and because my mom is the thank you card queen…which means I am […]

Best tutorials of all time!

so…i’ve done these countdowns every year–it’s super fun to see how they compare from year to year! (you can go HERE to see all previous years)I’ve tried to keep the most popular posts on my sidebar…easy access.  but here you go…the best of the best (and i only rate this on how many times crap […]