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Layered ice cream cake…EASY!!!

I don’t know what it is about ice cream cake…i mean i eat ice cream…on the side of cake. but it’s not the same.   ice cream cake..it’s my favorite. FAVORITE!!!! and this is the EASY PEASY WAY to make a layered ice cream cake     and guess what…it’s SO STINKING EASY!!! You just […]

My go-to gift…EARRINGS!

I’m excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends. I am joining forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots of inexpensive ideas and free printables! All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways so be sure to check out her […]

bored box

I love summer! I love the sunshine…I love the freedom..I love it all….EXCEPT. We are already 2 weeks in…and I’ve already heard the dreaded words. “Mom, I’m BORED!” MAN! I hate that phrase. And it always seems to come when I’m knee deep in working on something. So I came up with a solution. The […]

get words on your washi tape!!!

This post may contain affiliate links!   I can’t get enough of washi tape. I buy mine here or here or here can’t. get. enough. i love it…so much!!! (it’s basically like patterned tape..) but i’m finding an excuse to stick it on everything!!! and I was wrapping up an etsy order and put washi tape on […]

fourth of july STAR hair!

I occasionally  impress myself and others by doing my kids hair all fancy like.. very rare occasions. sometimes I impress myself that I remind them to brush their hair before we leave the house. sometimes I’m just impressed my kids are clothed.   anyways…here’s a REALLLy easy way to get festive for the fourth of […]

4th of July Junque bows

I’ve talked about junque bows before…but I’m loving them more and more…. cause A. you get to use up scraps and leftovers. and B…there is no rhyme or reason and they always look so fun! So i got patriotic and whipped up some 4th of July Junque bows! gather up your color scheme! ribbon, fabric, […]

clothespin calendar–free printable!

To keep with our theme of clothespins from yesterday (go here) I’ve got a fun clothespins craft for you! During the summer…I can only plan a week at a time…too much craziness to try to plan out longer than that!!! So I’ve got a cute and easy way to display your week! (with free printables!) […]

this post brought to you by clothespins and my nephews and niece.

So–I got an email from Family Fun (whom I love) about a new contest they are having called TOP THIS. Each month they will pick a “material”  and do a craft with it…then they want you to create your OWN craft and submit it to get featured in their magazine!   this month is CLOTHESPINS!!!!!! […]

diy bird feeder — Kid craft!

This has been on our summer to do list–for the past two years! here’s what you need: pinecones Peanut butter Bird feed

Sunday shoutouts! red white and blue edition!

      so a couple days ago..I linked up my 4th of July mason jars…with over 100 links to other amazing patriotic ideas! I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites…as well as other awesome red white and blue stuff! {tis the season!!! }   over the big moon        my […]

Father’s day free printable coloring cards!

I made some Mother’s day cards HERE….and thought that dads need some too…. Just print and cut into a card and then let dad’s color!!! (printables are at the bottom) (make sure to check out this free printable as well–great way to give money!)  

Father’s day cake

    Husband is not a sweets fan. So I decided this Father’s day I would make him a cake he would actually LOVE to “eat”. A Father’s day cake made from Soda Pops! a  24 pack works perfect… I had styrofoam circles…that i just wrapped with fabric. But you could just cut down a […]

RED white and BLUE

I’ve teamed up with 100 bloggers to showcase all red white and blue projects!!!! such an awesome idea! after you check out my post…scroll to the bottom to snoop around and check out all the other awesome red white and blue ideas!!!!  I made some fun 4th of july table decoration/utensils holder these are so […]

Month of Disney series!–mickey dress!

  If you are planning a trip…make sure to check out Get Away Today!  If you have read this blog before…you know one thing..i’m a hoarder. and i’m cheap. and i’m a HUGE disney fan. Okay…that was 3 things! but it’s all true! especially the disney part! So when Rachel decided to have a MONTH […]