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chores. cause i’m a mean mom.

  apparently I’m the meanest mom in the whole wide world (quote unquote) cause i don’t let my kids waste their summer by sitting on the couch. (gasp. my wart on my nose grows bigger each day) I just don’t like idleness. I also don’t like them acting like it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to entertain them […]

31 days of yoga (with kids!)

[this is a random non crafty post…but i still thought i would share cause my kids loved it….} I’m not sure why–but my kids love Yoga. (probably cause of kung fu panda movies) (or the funny  names) (she says…and i quote, she’s trying to find her inner peace) anyways… I’m always concerned that my kids […]

glow jars (kids craft for camping) CRAFT LIGHTING!

we went camping a few weeks ago….and my sister brought these fun glow jars that kids loved!!! and today i’m showing you the how to for CRAFT LIGHTING (aka…a bunch of fun projects that only take 15 minutes!) What you need: glow in the dark paint. paintbrushes jars wire. poor some paint inside a jar […]

scrap shout outs

see mama sew   aprons wrap a frame with fabric  nicole samuels   seven thirty three simple simon and co  artwork   cute patchwork scarf     flamingo toes    embellish a little girls dress taggie toy for babes scrap belt kleenex pouch cover some old ugly stuff hexagon clock mini art wrap quilts (so […]

scrappy bags–scrap week

I need a new church bag…it’s been on my too list for…months. and there it will stay…cause i have far pressing needs than to make me pretty at church!!! so instead of showing you what i have done…I will show you the creative minds that came up with these amazing bags/purses instead!!!!   source source […]

fat quarter diy bike basket~scrap week

  continuing on with scrap week….today i’m revisiting a guest post on ucreate~ a Diy Bike basket!!!! . the other day i walked outside and found my daughter and her bike like this… and i thought to myself… self, it’s time to make her a bike basket! turns out it’s a perfect project for fat […]

skirting the issue–scrappy skirt!

today i’m putting my scrap busting to a good cause! I’m making 3 skirts for simple simon and co’s skirting the issue! (you can go HERE to read more about it–but basically it’s donating skirts to local foster care! Skirts are so easy a great beginner sewing project!!!) I went to Joann and got a […]

scrap week….strips of fabric!

  today’s scrap week post is a no sew/anyone can do!!!! a scrap banner! it’s so ridiculously easy that i don’t even have a real tutorial … just strips of fabric tied around some rope or twine!!! then hang!!!! i’ve moved it all around my house! I even through it up before a party!!! i […]

scrap…rhymes with crap. scrap week! quilt

if you have read my blog before…you will know that i’m a hoarder…. and fabric scraps are no exception…. so much in fact that i had to devote a whole week of fun tutorials to use up your fabric remains!!!! today we start with a fun scrappy quilt! Back many moons ago when I was […]

camping round up!

placemat holders…it’s all in one place. grab and go!     these quesadillas are brilliant! nice and easy! just the way I like it!!!! diy marshmallow roasting sticks   campfire twice baked potatoes  camping survival kit (would be a super fun gift!)  homemade fire starters walking tacos portable spice kit so many fun glow stick […]

Layered ice cream cake…EASY!!!

I don’t know what it is about ice cream cake…i mean i eat ice cream…on the side of cake. but it’s not the same.   ice cream cake..it’s my favorite. FAVORITE!!!! and this is the EASY PEASY WAY to make a layered ice cream cake     and guess what…it’s SO STINKING EASY!!! You just […]

My go-to gift…EARRINGS!

I’m excited to share today 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends. I am joining forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week along with over 100 talented bloggers sharing lots of inexpensive ideas and free printables! All week long, Kristen is sharing birthday tips and giveaways so be sure to check out her […]

bored box

I love summer! I love the sunshine…I love the freedom..I love it all….EXCEPT. We are already 2 weeks in…and I’ve already heard the dreaded words. “Mom, I’m BORED!” MAN! I hate that phrase. And it always seems to come when I’m knee deep in working on something. So I came up with a solution. The […]

get words on your washi tape!!!

This post may contain affiliate links!   I can’t get enough of washi tape. I buy mine here or here or here can’t. get. enough. i love it…so much!!! (it’s basically like patterned tape..) but i’m finding an excuse to stick it on everything!!! and I was wrapping up an etsy order and put washi tape on […]