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Diy first aid kits and what to put in them!

  I don’ t know why i have such an obsession with first aid kits…but i have 5.   This one is in my car (made from an Ikea box) (go here for tutorial) one in my camping stuff (It is just store bought) you can find it in the camping section but it is […]

Food Friday!

Today I thought I would share some of my most favoritest recipes found around pinterest! Don’t you Hate when you pin something that looks so good, buy all the stuff for it…Spend the day making it…Only have your kids tell you how much they hate it! (and sadly you agree!) I don’t like to cook…so […]

guest posting…pocket skirt

This was a guest post last year and a half. that is what happens when you have so many drafts…your crap gets BURIED in it! and i’ve been playing “clean up” and getting all my guest posts prescheduled and getting myself organized! I don’t know what it is about pockets..but my girls love them! and […]

pizza rolls….and pizza bomb. FOOD FRIDAY

pizza roll/pizza bombs are one of our favorite things to make. it’s easy and you can totally customize per person so everyone feels like they are getting what they want. and did i mention how easy they are? you need pizza dough…i buy one…cause i’m lazy and hate waiting for it to rise. mozzarella cheese […]

craft room decor with Duck Brand® WASHI tape!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. yup! i said it! Duck Brand® has WASHI tape. (They also have all sorts of Duck Brand Craft Tapes–like glitter and fabric and prism! check them out! so many funs way to get creative!) I recently […]

fix a pillowcase that won’t stay on the pillow

So i bought these  pillowcases awhile ago….and don’t ask why…but they refuse to stay on the pillow… and it drives beyond bonkers! I’ve never had a pillowcase act like this. but it must feel like it needs to keep up with my kids and act defiant! (not an exaggeration….this is literally how we find them […]

Food Friday–BAKED caramel corn.

can i go on a mini rant? silly me. it’s my blog and i’ll rant if i want to. i hate when there are words that you pronounce two ways. like Caribbean or CarIbbEAn and tomato toMATo… and caramel….or CAREamel….. drives me nuts. mainly cause i don’t know if I am saying it wrong…. either […]

my bedroom

So i love using you guys as my own little decorators! I loved all the feedback i got on THIS post And since i’m still like sitting in my undecorated corner sucking my thumb cause i just can’t make any decisions.. i thought i would turn it over to you!!! here’s the bedroom….(from the mls […]

throwback thursday–vinyl kitchenaid guest post

so i like to repost all my old posts on here….cause, well, it’s mine. and this is my blog. and i like to be able to find my crap without going around town gathering up my old guest posts. but see..i added throwback Thursday up there in the title….so it sounds legit–cause there is alliteration. […]

Disney Movie Quotes game with Free Printables!

We just love Disney! If you are planning a trip to disenyland make sure to check out Get Away Today! They are the best! This is a game we play OFTEN at our house. I’m 90% certain that my kids don’t even realize when they are quoting disney movies anymore. It just flows naturally out […]

How to throw the ultimate disney party #disneyside

  I love me some disney! My mom took us often to disneyland. it’s  truly the happiest place on earth! so many happy memories! I CAN NOT Wait to take my 3 kids!!! (husband has sworn that next year is our year!!)  Mickey mouse clubhouse was the only show my daughter would watch on tv. […]

Blanket for twins

i made these…oh about a year ago. and never got around to posting about it…. that’s gotta be laziest to the 45th degree. but i wanted to show you some fabric tutorials in case you are the lucky winner of the most awesome fabric stash giveaway ever. and need some ideas of what to do with […]

these aren’t your normal valentines.

today…i’m going to do a round up of valentines day cards…that are…well…not your average cards! cause…well..i’m not average… and i have a weird sense of humor.   source source source (okay..seriously funniest blog…and this whole post is amazeingness.) source source source source source source source source source source source source source source for those weird […]

you blow.

so. i love valentines. i feel like i have knack for taking random candy/items and make a cute saying that will apply to valentines day… but apparently EVERYONE on pinterest has that same knack as well. i bought a bunch of fun things for valentines –and then ran into almost the same ideas multiple times. […]