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shout out sunday—father’s day gift ideas!!!!

holy cow! Is father’s day sneaking up on anyone else??? Can’t believe we have a week until it’s time to show our appreciation to those special men in our lives! ? I’ve complied a fun list of things that you can DIY! Loads of cute printables and gifts that won’t break the bank and you […]

the complete roundup of kids crafts and activites for summer

I had to postpone shout out sunday to put on an AWESOME KIDS CRAFTS giveaway (go HERE to enter if you haven’t yet!!!) So I’m posting my roundup today! It’s Chalk full of fun activities, games and crafts to do with our kids…. nature art splatter painting with rubber bands fun photo prompts from snap […]

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER – keep those kids active!

3 weeks into summer I feel like all my kids want to do is escape the heat and play on their {insert electronic device}. So here is a whole fun list of fun games that will get your kids up and moving!!!! Outdoor games to play in SUMMER frozen t-shirt race this was such a fun […]

Balloon Bracelets–Summer survival going strong!

we made these at a mom and daughter day at our church! they turned out so cute! you need those long balloons…and cut them up. and some elastic. tape elastic down at top (cut to size of wrist plus about 5 inches) then slide up balloons. when you have a few…start scrunching them up. when […]

Homemade ice cream in a baggie!

This the most fun activity your kids will do this summer… cause after you get done with the fun of it.. you get to eat it! ha! Ingredients: 1 cup half and half 2 Tbs sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla mix together in a small sandwich baggie. in a large ziplock baggie Ice and 1/2 cup […]

Solar Smores-summer survival series

are plans for our backyard involves a fire pit. but since I don’t hold my breath when it comes to my husband’s handiwork. and We decided we didn’t want to wait to enjoy our smores… we present SOLAR S’mores you need a pizza box, tin foil. black paper and saran wrap. you cut the top […]

melted crayon sun catcher

We are colorers. that’s not a word. but you all know what i mean..so technically i just made a word. anyways. we like fresh new crayons. so we end up with so many old broken ones that we can’t seem to throw away. so we hoard them up and melt them together to make fun […]

rock painting! summer survival kids crafts

this is the ultimate summer craft. why? cause rocks are everywhere!!!! when i started this roundup I  didn’t realize what an art rock painting is!!! there are some AMAZING ones in here!!!! So this is a craft for kids AND adults!!!   car rocks….fun for hours! tic tac toe source these are amazing!!! penguins are […]

goo. slime. doh. putty. floam (summer survival series!)

i love summer…cause it’s warm outside. so my kids get to play with messy things (outside) while my house stays clean…like GOO!!!! something about playing with gooey oozey slime that just screams summer! My daughter made this in school so we had the recipe laying around…. you will need: one bottle of glitter glue 1 […]

a cup out of piece of paper

turn a piece of paper into a cup!  I totally remember making these and thought they were the coolest things EVER! ha! I taught my kids…and have to admit….they thought I was a pretty cool mom!  1. piece of paper 2. fold up corner to make  a triangle 3. trim top portion off. 4. turn […]

Yarn Bracelets –summer survival week

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing memorial day!!! We are officially in SUMMER MODE (Yikes!) I always do a panic….like  how am I supposed to keep these kids entertained???  (and I don’t mean xbox, ipod, video games entertained) SO–I’m going in summer survival mode! all week long–fun games and crafts that will be inexpensive […]

the one where I act like a marriage expert.

Today is my husband’s birthday. he is old. (er) than me. ha! I heard a thing on the radio that said the average adult feels like they are 11 years younger than they actually are. That would make my husband 25.   so yeah. that’s about right. The other day at church we had a […]

fabric wrapped floral bracelets–craft lightning!

today i’ve got an awesome less than 15 minute craft for you! these fun floral bracelets! I saw this fun picture on Jane.com (a deal a day website) and I thought A. I love floral stuff. B. big funky bracelets are fun. C. I can make this at home! so I snooped around and found […]

it’s a bird…it’s a plane..it’s a…DISCO BALL

(another guest post! I promise I will get my act together and edit some pictures and post a new tutorial! but i loved making this disco ball!!! so fun! and I want one in my craft room now!!!) my daughter is 10–and she’s very into the disco movement…. so i thought. let’s make a disco […]