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How to make a heart shaped cake..without a heart shaped pan!

Need an easy hack for a heart shaped cake so you don’t have to buy a cake pan that you will use once? (ironically..I was just at the thrift store and they had 3 heart cake pans for like a dollar…..oh the irony.) You need to make a cake (I used a box cake…cause i’m […]

Valentine Day’s boxes for School with Plaid crafts!

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with PLAID CRAFTS and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.   I have been diying my own valentine boxes since I was a kid! and my favorite two things to use when making them is cardboard boxes and Apple Barrel Paints–so […]

valentines heart cutout frame!

Okay…this tutorial was over at Ribbon Retreat!!! and NOW they having a competition with this and two other fun valentines projects! So head over and vote!!  the other day I got the best package in the mail!!! red and white and pink and fluffy and sparkly. There were (and still are) about 100 things I […]

I HEART this shoutout! (aka..heart roundup.)

You know…i used to come up with funny random titles. And then as I go back to look for things and I can’t find anything– anyways…this roundup is devoted to love….or hearts… Polka dot chair me and my diy eighteen 25 Jessica’s Jute heart patch roundup mommy’s musing beyond/beyond simple simon and co celebrate everyday […]

Football cupcakes for superbowl treat.

buy these:  put on a plate…and you’re done! Okay…for reals..I totally “bake” like this. Remember…this is a judgement free zone… a happy place. but guess what…They didn’t have any of these at my store this year… So instead I bought some ding dongs Remember that horrible time that hostess left us without these babies. fyi….this […]

Are you ready for some football!? (superbowl game!)

yeah..me neither. but it’s coming…so let’s play a game to keep us busy while we wait for the commercials!!! Let’s name the 32 teams!  I am forced to listen to WAY too much football…(I say listen cause i’m usually on Pinterest during games) and I was able to get about 21…. My 9 year old […]

Birthday printables and a birthday lunch!

I was  born in July…so I never had to go to school on my birthday! But two of my kids have school birthdays (how unfun to go to school ON your birthday!) So I ALWAYS try to make it as special as possible!   AND one of the things I do a special birthday sack […]

gingham messenger bag

–This was a guest post over at Ribbon Retreat!!! I love love love this bag…One of my favorites!!!!     Hi! I’m Kim with a Girl and a glue gun! I got the letter G! I’m sure it has something to do with the three G’s in my blog title! but today I’m unplugging the […]

snowman shoutout sunday!

There is something about these white fluffy guys that I love! and there are so many adorable ideas of ways to get festive with them this January! here are over 20 fun ideas from crafts, to decorations, to snacks! Which one is your favorite???   a pumpkin and a princess crazy little projects   simply […]

art quote roundups!

tomorrow i’m sharing my art wall i made for my kids… so today is going to be spent sharing all sorts of fun prints that would look great on an art wall!!!…     source       source source source source source source source source   source source source I actually used this one!!!!! […]

Merry Christmas

Hope you have a great holiday! see you on the flip side! (aka…new years!) here was our first version…but I didn’t like how it cut off my daughter on the bar! Merr

stephen’s hot chocolate neighbor gift

okay..this is coming at the final countdown… but I just had to share —-and technically…if you couldn’t get out your gifts before christmas, this would be a great WINTER gift…cause here in Idaho we drink hot cocoa until may…and something in may. and june..and cold july nights. so it’s pretty much a staple. Okay…the yummiest […]

Junque bows and christmas hair.

I love these junque bows (you can see them all here) great scrap buster…you don’t have to be precise or perfect and they are super quick! you can see a more indepth how to here–but you throw whatever scraps and leftovers in that match your color scheme…and then tie a ribbon around the middle to keep […]

passive aggressive christmas roundup…..

hopefully your sense of humor is like mine (ie…super amazingly awesome.) okay. weird.     best gift. source hands down the best light display EVER. source i don’t do elf on the shelf..but this post makes me want too… best elf on the shelf…for adults. I love this. the movie and the sweater. source this […]