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the easiest maxi skirt using ruffle fabric!

guys. girls . you. I love ruffle fabric. I do. It’s the prettiest stuff…and It’s so easy to work with (no fraying…ie…no hemming!) You can sew a basic skirt…and it just looks so…amazing! like you worked so hard on it! when in all honestly..it took about 30 minutes!   this is the fabric i scored…a […]

Don’t eat Pete roundup! and printables

dont' eat pete roundup

Oh snap….printables.

  Happy labor day everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying this fun day! (fingers crossed the weather holds out for us!) I decided today i would leave you with some inspiring thoughts for this non working day…..   remember many moons (april) when I went to snap blog conference?  it was hands down one of the […]

Apples for the teacher…or you. or me.

I have a yummy apple treat today for you….but first — a riddle: what is black and white and read all over? a newspaper. what is black and white and red all over? red candy dipped oreos…..made to look like APPLES! They are FANTASTICALLY yummy. I should know…I ate wayyyy too many of them. I […]

edible pencils…cause why not start the year off WRITE…with chocolate.

  My kids went to school today! As much as I love those three little kids…I’m so excited to have them out of  my house!!! I love summer…but I feel like i’m a bad mom if i’m not constantly entertaining them…which makes it hard to do much else! So with my first year with all […]

sunday shoutout time–apple themed!!!

  I’ve gotta couple apple posts for you this week…and since my kids start school on TUESDAY–I’ve got apples on the brain! but apples aren’t just for teachers! Here’s a whole bunch of amazing apple ideas to make this first week (er…month) of school GREAT!       live laugh rowe   my sister’s suitcase […]

hooded bath towel–easy tutorial!!!

My daughter got a hooded bath towel when she was a babe….and she has worn it to rags. She asked me to “hot glue a new one” (cause hot glue is the answer to everything in this house.) I didn’t hot glue…but sewed it instead. and guess what…it’s super easy!!!!   take the hand towel […]

Insulated Mason Jar Tumblers–as teacher gifts!

The other day I got an awesome package it was these awesome Insulated mason jar tumblers. I knew they would make an amazing teacher gift idea…just fill with fun teacher items and add a cute printable (which I provide for you!)     (you can get them here) My objective…if I chose to accept (and […]

My new Abc wall with FrogTape®

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m so excited for this fun project! I have been lacking motivation to get this giant fake frame painting done….but then I got some Textured Surface by FrogTape in the mail…and I knew it was time to get […]

wave bottle for kids!

My kids came home from school with a fun little pamphlet full of “experiments”. and my kids have been begging to try the Wave Bottle all summer long!!!! And since Idaho is pretty far from any REAL ocean waves….I thought we could recreate a fun little version. It’ s super easy…and most items you have […]

personalized decorated shoelaces

this posted last month on nap time creations! a fun and easy crafts that kids will love!!! personalized shoelaces! It’s something that is so easy..but so much fun! You just need some shoelaces (found at the dollar store) and some sharpies!   think of a fun design…and just color it in how you want it! […]

sparkling strawberry lemonade (food friday!)

so excited to have alli here on my blog. I got to hang out with her at snap….and I loved loved loved her! and I love her blog/recipes..cause they are stuff that I totally would ACTUALLY make…like i know my kids would love them and they are full of ingredients that I have in my […]

chores. cause i’m a mean mom.

  apparently I’m the meanest mom in the whole wide world (quote unquote) cause i don’t let my kids waste their summer by sitting on the couch. (gasp. my wart on my nose grows bigger each day) I just don’t like idleness. I also don’t like them acting like it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to entertain them […]

31 days of yoga (with kids!)

[this is a random non crafty post…but i still thought i would share cause my kids loved it….} I’m not sure why–but my kids love Yoga. (probably cause of kung fu panda movies) (or the funny  names) (she says…and i quote, she’s trying to find her inner peace) anyways… I’m always concerned that my kids […]