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CHA and Marquee letters!

So. I went to california (if you follow me on instagram (agirlandagluegun) you saw WAY too much of it…. but I was there with Daily craft vinyl to hit up CHA! I saw some AMAZING fun stuff… like spray paint chalk paint (YUP!) (by krylon and Giant washi tape from HAzel and Ruby (buy it […]

Let’s get organized! new series!!!

Okay…we have a new series…that I wanted to start at the beginning of January…but since i need to take my OWN advice and get organized  it’s coming to you late! (for future reference…every time you see this picture..you MUST sing it…) Here is the jist…I’m going to pick one spot of my house I want […]

Bedroom Wall….

If you are regular reader of this blog…than you are awesome. and you know my woes of my house. Since it’s my first real house…I have to really decorate it…and I overthink and stress and then hate everything I do. it’s been real fun. i literally lay in bed and plan out crap in my […]

free printable

This fun quote has always been my favorite! It’s been on my wall for 7 years now—but I decided to revamp it! here is the free printable!!!

kids artwork turned to notecards!!!

I have three cute kiddos…that color and draw like crazy (makes my momma heart proud!) But my art wall gets overtaken with pictures!!!! I usually save my favorites and the rest get thrown away while the kids are school (deep down in the trash so no one will find them!) But the other day I […]

Yup..I let my 6 year old paint her own wall *gulp.

okay….so yesterday you got to see my fun pink flamingo (go here)  and I totally thought I should explain about the wall in case anyone looked super closely! alright…when we moved in…my kids were so sad! The house we moved is literally 3 times bigger and I was joyous to leave the old house..but it was where […]

stand tall–giant flamingo!

Happy Friday. I used to love Fridays…cause it meant the weekend…but I’m a mom. so now it doesn’t quite mean the same! But THIS friday I have  a super fun craft for you–plus some totally fun new tools! With help from Floracraft®’s Make it: Fun® Foam I whipped up some giant wall art for my […]

Cutie basketball treats

Son is in basketball…oh. how I wish my kids were hermits like me. and who schedules games early on a Saturday!!!   Anyways…I was in charge of the treat…and I had every intention of throwing a box of fruit roll ups at the kids–but I then I saw these cuties and the idea came! Just […]

Emoji Valentines

This post may contain affiliate links Welcome to my blog! So glad you have stopped by! Make sure to check out my other way fun Valentine stuff HERE before you leave! So I ran across some heart and lip candy…. and totally thought…I love emojis..these would be totally cute  as their eyes…and the mouth… and […]

math art by mc esher …and the most random title ever.

my daughter brought home this fun artwork she did in math class…They were learning about tessellation and this is where I pretend to know something about math…which I do not. (i had to google tessellations) I used to be good a math.   then i had kids. but I will testify that I do have […]

Why I have the best job ever.

  (my blog is 5 today! happy blog birthday to me! So I thought I would write a post all about how I have the best job ever!!!)   This is me. living the dream. my dream looks pretty unhygienic. but it’s my dream so butt out.   Let’s go back to 2000. I graduated. […]

Valentines Junque Bows

super easy valentines hair bows…..just scraps of whatever you fancy tied up in a bow and hot glued on the back to a clip. easiest tutorial…easiest hairbow check out all my other junque bows HERE

How to make a heart shaped cake..without a heart shaped pan!

Need an easy hack for a heart shaped cake so you don’t have to buy a cake pan that you will use once? (ironically..I was just at the thrift store and they had 3 heart cake pans for like a dollar…..oh the irony.) You need to make a cake (I used a box cake…cause i’m […]

Valentine Day’s boxes for School with Plaid crafts!

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with PLAID CRAFTS and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.   I have been diying my own valentine boxes since I was a kid! and my favorite two things to use when making them is cardboard boxes and Apple Barrel Paints–so […]