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Father’s day printables!

I’m to the point where I buy things for my husband and dad….and then coming up with printables. My husband loves jerky. LOVES. he eats like it I eat cadbury minis in April. So here you go…tape it to a bag or stick of jerky… and cause I’m snarky…

layered flower art with my Minc machine

Me and my minc machine are becoming best friends. I’m kinda getting to the point where I walk around my house looking for things I can foil! #iloveitsomuch I love love love the colors the foil comes in. They all go so well together no matter the combination! and I wanted to use them all […]

let’s get organized…lego version

we love our legos. we don’t love our legos all over. and we ESPECIALLY don’t love stepping on stray legos! so lets get those legos under CONTROL!!! Whether it be by color or works of art– a place for everything and everything in it’s place! source (i found these neat shelves here) source source source […]

Make a canvas picture from a box!

I’ve got an awesome knock off ucycley project for you! Making a canvas looking photo…from an old box (or shoe box lid!) I did this for my photo ledges… but of course took no how to photos…so I had to make another one!  I had a box my clock came in..it was 12 x 16. So […]

diy microphones

and it’s made from this: I’m part of the Floracraft® Make if fun team…and I get fun boxes filled with things like FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Eggs and I love it cause it makes me think outside of the box! I mean if it was easter it would be one thing…but it’s May! We […]

What little boys are made of! (free printable)

So…I have this girl printable…. (go here)  and someone asked me if I had a boy one… and I kinda thought…duh. of course boys need one…. and then I creatively birthed this: 

Mason jar craft!

Today I’m fancying up a mason jar…with some Expressions Vinyl! I cut out my design in vinyl… lay some Transfer tape over the whole design…. Peel off backing and place on your jar. Start by rubbing in the middle and rub down the sides. Give it a good rub and peel off the transfer tape!  […]

Fun package idea–crepe paper streamer ball filled with prizes!

I love sending packages. I hate just throwing things in a box. I like things to be a little more special! And this idea is so stinking easy…and cheap!  You just take some crepe paper streamers…you can find these at the dollar store or walmart for about $1!! and you can use more than one […]

Free graduation card printable!

I have a fun little card for the graduate in your life….print out and slap on a gift card. done and done. and if you are snarky… just right click and save to your computer and print from there!

Thrifted desk with a fun surprise!

This post is part of a super fun series…brought to you by Royal Design Studios and Porch  #7daysofstencils There is 7 days of fun stencil ideas from 7 bloggers! My daughter needed a desk. so heigh ho. off to the thrift store I go. for WEEKS. stalking craigslist. facebook. everything. and then I happen chance decided to run […]

Heat transfer Vinyl shirt with GOLD glitter polka dots

So many of my favorite things are in that title! I A. love heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl! It’s vinyl you can iron onto fabric to make custom….everything! and gold has become my newest obsessions. I’m going to turn into this lady if I don’t have an intervention. and polka dots. obsessed before. will […]

cardboard shoutouts!

cardboard week was fun…cause i’m cheap. and cardboard is free!!! make sure to check out all my fun posts HERE like how to organize you legos…make your closet look purtty, giant marquee, and keeping kids busy! and of course…a week of cardboard wouldn’t be complete without a giant roundup!!!  toilet paper roll crowns curbly handmade charlotte  […]

Magazine organizers….from cereal boxes! and a whole slew of things to do with cereal boxes!

This is a craft that I have been making since….youth. (aka..a fetching long time ago.) But they are super easy…and cute…and you can customize to match whatever! and you just need to eat the best food ever (seriously. I love cereal. LOVE)    cut it up (make sure it’s not too tall for wherever you […]

shoeboxs are my bestie.(cardboard week)

Okay. I never get rid of shoe boxes….never. NEVER. I use them alllll over my house! I wanted to show you all the random places I use them! so this isn’t so much a diy…even thought I wrap them in wrapping paper or shelf liner or duck tape just to make them pretty.   it’s […]