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earth day

  You just take a few pieces of blue and green sculpey and roll them together into a ball. (buy them from Joanns and use your coupon!)   You will want to take a piece of wire and curve it and pop a hole through the top (in and out of just the top)  source

How I store my craft vinyl!

So..I’m obsessed with craft vinyl. I mean who isnt. (and if you said you aren’t obsessed…well you should be. It’s cheap (check.) it’s awesome (check) and it’s colorful (double check) I always buy mine at Expressions Vinyl and since it’s so cheap…It has gotten…well….out of hand. So I thought I would show you the different […]

crumpled paper art–kids craft

A great kids crafts….one of those great ones that you kinda want to sit down and color too! and this fun abstract craft is super easy! crumple up a piece of paper —spread it out and smooth out the wrinkles best you can. Then follow along the lines and outline and color in!  

4 gifts that teachers ACTUALLY want (told by teachers!)

Teacher gifts! I’ve said it once…and I will probably say it about 200 more times. It takes a special person to be a teacher–So when teacher week is around…I like to shower those teachers with some amazing teacher appreciation gifts. and when I went in on Christmas to pick up my daughter…I saw about 15 […]

Fix a hole in your pants….with HOT GLUE!

Sometimes I just have to remind you why I call myself the girl AND the glue gun….(and not the girl and her silhouette…or the girl and her sewing machine.) Cause I do love to sew…but sometimes hot glue does that job that your sewing machine can do…..and it does it faster. and I’m all about […]

over 20 of the cutest art prints for kid rooms!

So Yesterday I showed you my fun art wall to hang all your kids artwork up on! (go here) and I thought I would give you a fun roundup of my favoritest art prints for kids rooms or art walls from Minted!  And please notice…all these prints have different frames! So many options! And if you […]

the evolution of an art wall

so my fridge. It was verrrrry slowly getting overtaken with kids pictures. and while i entirely encourage creativity…It was a bit much. and the garbage was underneath and if anyone bumped anything–it would fall into the garbage. and i said enough is enough and decided to a make a designated spot for it all… aka..art […]

Teacher Appreciation–free printable for clorox wipes!

I’m in the middle of writing a post for teacher appreciation –and I asked a bunch of teachers what they REALLLLy want! And the unanimous comeback was…supplies for the classroom. Lots of teachers buy them out of pocket! So I’m really trying to stick with that! I came up with a double duty. A. Clorox […]

bandana hair crap

this was my hair decor the entire week i was camping…. and it requires no skills other than folding. you start with a triangle… and roll ur up… then you put the middle in the back of your head and bring around the sides and tie a knot…..much l yike… you can tuck those ends […]

felt flower wreath from Floracraft®

I got another fun package in the mail from Floracraft®!   It was filled with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam wreaths: 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” and Design it:® Simple Style® 21” Decorative Mesh – Blue Ombre and Orange Ombre (isn’t that mesh amazing!!! ) I really had a bunch of fun! I actually made a few […]

I think you’re peachy keen easter printable

So…I bought a giant thing of jelly belly jelly beans…(buttered popcorn is my favorite) and we ate about half….and then they sat there… So I whipped up a printable to get rid of them….. They sell these pretzels bags….(go here) perfect for filling up with jelly beans!!! (and here’s a valentines one…in case you still […]

paint chip carrots #creativebuzz

I’ve got a cute and easy garland for easter today!… yup! using paint chips! (hello..free!) just a little snippy snippy and some green stems. I actually tried a couple different stems…(and had you vote on facebook!) you guys like the right one the most! Then glued on the tops with my adtech glue gun and […]

Elmer’s banner

I am a huge fat believer that kids crafts don’t have to look like kids crafts! I have my kids help out so much (cause the LOVE it!) The will do the base coat for me…they love to spray paint. They can sew straight lines! Where ever they can pitch in I let them! So […]

lds church printable roundup!

I have talked about it a little…but I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS for short) (you can go here to read more about my church) I wanted to roundup all my favorite printables of of our most popular quotes and sayings and doctrine! and it has come to […]