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Camping games!

I have 20 nieces and nephews. With another on the way. so Camping games are a MUST!!!! Here are some super fun games we have played–that are really easy and don’t require too much work! Twister: You can spray paint directly on the ground or on a tablecloth My mom made the spinner…using a magnetic […]

Camping food

source This post is dedicated to the best part of camping…. FOOD. I live for s’mores. and anything cooked over a campfire is just yummmmy. Or maybe we are just delirious from living like homeless people that a can of chili heated by the fire tastes like a 5 star restaurant. either way…here is our […]

camping T-shirt roundup

So. When I showed up camping…turns out me and the sister both had fun happy camper t-shirts both so stinkin cute. Both made with Expressions Vinyl Heat transfer. My sister has a legit camper…and goes quite often. and has made herself a bunch of camping shirts that she leaves in her camper. I have one […]

S’mores in a bag

One of our favorite camping dinners is walking tacos (basically all tacos supplies in a chip bag!)  and of course….Camping isn’t camping without S’mores! And I had a light bulb…why not combine the two! TACO S’MORES! Okay. no taco s’mores…how about S’mores in a bag! S’mores in a bag Gives you the yumminess that is s’mores..without the […]

Over 20 ideas that will make your camping trip AMAZING!

We had a family campout last weekend. And as much I hate camping…I love camping. I’m a complex woman. So I wanted to share the fun things we did on the blog this week! Today is awesome things that I WISH I had. 20 ideas and crap to buy that will make or break your […]

summer Shout out sunday

sunshine, sunburns, Popsicle, fruit, bbqs, sprinklers, water fights, sleeping in. IF only the kids were in school I would have so much fun! Ha! So I devote this Sunday shoutout to all things summery!!! brepuposed love this sign! home depot any alice in wonderland fans in the house…this is so amazing! find it make it […]

starburst printable

Just a fun printable for your weekend!

Garage organization with Rubbermaid Fasttrack

I left you hanging a couple weeks ago with my garage project (head here to see the before!) But I bought My Rubbermaid FASTTRACK garage organizer–and lots of hooks at Home Depot and I’m ready to get this garage functional! There are so many fun attachments. and just because it says one thing…doesn’t mean you […]

Interactive Toddler purse

  I got this crazy idea when I was almost asleep (the creative hour in my head) and I woke up the next morning and headed to Joann to buy the fabric to carry it out.   and then got stuck. I knew what I wanted the end results to be…but wasn’t quite sure how […]

pregnancy and babies are hard printable

Pregnancy is hard. Having babies is hard. Raising babies is hard. true story. So let’s make it  littttttle bit easier by giving the new momma’s some chocolate! I created a super cute little printable to throw on some chocolate…cause it’s rude to go snuggle on someone’s new baby empty handed. It makes a really cute […]

the plaid wall. with paint. and lots of tape.

I received paint from Sherwin-Williams as compensation with this post. All views and opinions are my own and no other compensation was provided. My poor son. He was such a good sport when we moved. The girls were so sad to leave their rooms, friends, school, house. But he was such a trooper. I bribed […]

Tool chest makeover.

I’m a yard sale shopper. Big time. Other people’s trash….. can be your trash…and maybe with some spray paint your treasure. And the house across the street from me had  a yard sale. I didn’t even have to drive! destiny.  I came across this tool chest…it was uuugly. (I shared a sneak peak of it […]

Fourth of July patriotic sign!

I’ve got a fun sign for you…made super cute with Expressions Vinyl   Expressions Vinyl has POLKA DOT VINYL! It’s super fun! I cut out the united states in the blue polka dots (buy here) Since it’s so big I just peeled it up and laid it down where I wanted it. I took an exacto knife […]

be kind.

I’m just going to put this out there. Social Media has gotten ugly recently. and It makes me sad. So this shoutout sunday is devoted to nice quotes and happy thoughts and reminders to be kind. Hope your week is amazing! source source source source source source source source source source source source source source […]