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decorate plain boring bags.

I have about 45 birthdays in the month of August (okay..slight exaggeration..but it FEELS like 45) and when it’s all said and done…i’m broke!  and you know what always makes me the most mad… spending 3-5 dollars on a gift bag….ON TOP of the price of the present that goes IN the bag. (and most people […]

How to layer Expressions Vinyl

(I’ve been cleaning up my drafts box…..and I found a trove of posts that I pretty much have forgotten about! and so you get to see them this week while I play with my kids on their last week of summer! I recently came into an old football helmet (random..but awesome) turned it into this… […]

Iron on Vinyl Tags for Homemade clothes and giveaway!

This fun post is part of heat transfer week put on my Expressions Vinyl! I like to sew for my kids! I love to make fun little outfits and it makes me happy to see my kids in them! The downside is that most of the time they can’t figure out which side is the […]

shower curtain to regular curtains!

I don’t know if you remember…but my master bedroom has given me FITS. You can go HERE to read the first part of me complaining…and HERE to read the second part of me complaining. It’s kind of coming together. This is my vision plan  and I was having a heck of time trying to find curtains. […]

In this classroom–teacher printable for school

Okay…I whipped up a fun printable that is perfect for any teacher’s classroom! (I even made some black and white ones so you can go to STaples and get them printed as engineering prints HUGE for cheap!) (Just right click and save to your computer and print from there!) 

Balloon confetti Invites!

My eldest daughter is having a birthday party! (for the record…we do BIRTHDAY PARTIES every other year. And then we do a nice little easy movie and dinner (or activity of their choice) with just the family on the other year. Cause I like to keep my hair and sanity! Anyways…this is her PARTY year! […]

quilt as you go initial tote bag

THis posted on Flamingo toes a few months ago — today’s scrapbuster is actually a fun technique I learned from the cute girls over at Simple simon and Co. It’s the “quilt as you go” that they taught at Snap blog conference last year! and it has branched out in a fun obsession….   I’m going […]

Back to School Shoutouts!

  Mason jars from a pumpkin and princess printables from capturing joy   pretzel pencils with printables lolly jane cute quote! first week of school from over the big moon the idea room countdown love lunchbox jokes by teach mama binder printables from eighteen 25! your home based mom’s cute donuts!  a totally cute package of […]

BIC® fight for your WRITE with free writing prompts

Compensation was provided by BIC via MomTrends Media.  The opinions expressed are my own.    I collect notebooks like most ladies collect shoes. Each one has a purpose and I love them all. They hold my ideas, notes, lists, memories. People make fun of me for not using my phone to “write” stuff down in the notes…but […]

Fruit clipboards and minc artwork to go with!

I’m loving fruit this summer….and these clipboards are sooooo easy. get some clipboards…these came in packs of 2! I spray painted them front and back. Then I added a paper (jiffy lube coupon) to the clipboard and gave them a “stem” I used a black sharpie for the watermelon seeds….and a gold paint pen from […]

Big letters from Floracraft® foam.

 I wanted to add my sons name (actually his nickname.) to his wall. And they had to be big to compete with the plaid. You saw a sneak peek on my plaid wall (go here)  SO…I turned to Floracraft® foam sheets! I had a few sheets laying around from my ice cream holder I used […]

diy fruit fans –a fun kids crafts

This posted over at the Idea room a few weeks ago!  I’ve whipped together a super fun fan to keep you cool during the hot summer months AND it’s a great kids craft that they will have a blast with! I found these Popsicle sticks at the dollar store…already colored in. But you could totally […]

Outdoor decorating with Make it Fun®

This month’s fun Floracraft® theme was Outdoor decorating…with   FloraCraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Sheets FloraCraft® Styroglue®  FloraCraft® StyroCutter® plus FloraCraft® Foam Connectors FloraCraft® Smooth Finish I came up with this succulent holder…that doubles as a party treat holder! to make: I found a cup that was small enough and just traced circles.   and used […]

Expressions Vinyl fruity hair bows.

Today I was given the challenge of coming up with something fruity…made with vinyl! So it became….fruit hair bows! I love hair bows…mostly cause they are cheap, fast and use my hot glue gun! (go here to see all of my past tutorials!) Vinyl and ribbon are two peas in a pod….and I didn’t even […]