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Minnie Mouse Party

  If you love Disney like me…and are planning a trip…make sure to check out Get Away Today!  Today is a big day! I’m so excited to spill the beans about a new line that is launching at Joann Stores! It’s a Disney craft line–Loads of great things that will let you create so much Disney […]

Father’s day handprint tree

a cute little father’s day printable! You can print these at Staples (engineering prints) and go big and have the kids put on their hand prints. fyi..this was the only time I wish I had more kids..I wanted more hands to fill up the tree! or you can print it at home  and just get […]

Red White and Blue hair bows with vinyl

I’ve got super fun fun and festive 4th of july red white and blue hair bows! (that was the longest sentence)  And you can use this technique to make any fun design! the secret is heat transfer vinyl! Before we get to the how to—This is part of  a super fun red white and blue […]

personalized tie with heat transfer vinyl

This post is like…2 maybe 3 years old. And I just found it…and I think it would be perfect for Father’s day!   I had my nephew for Christmas…and once they get out of the superhero stage…I’m totally stuck on what to get them for presents. And since he’s a huge Minnesota Vikings fan (boo. […]

Father’s day present with the Minc

First…I’m over at Expressions Vinyl blog showing a super fun and easy father’s day present and now…on with the show… I’m frickin loving this minc machine–I wanted my kids to write little special notes to their dads…and was like…why not foil them?? #foilallthethings I just had them write it out with a big black marker […]

20 fun birthday ideas for under $5

remember the awesome birthday blog hop i had forever and a day ago (go here) Well it was 101 fun ideas on giving a quick gift that was CHEAP! we are talking $5 or less! and I just love the whole concept…cause A. I’m cheap. and B. I like presents. So here’s  a fun roundup […]

vinyl collar

so my daughter had this shirt…that had a bunch of jewels on it. Then one day she came home from school and had ripped them all off and given them to her friends… kids are awesome. and I would have just left it be…except you could see the residue of where the jewels were… So […]

Lucky father’s day printable

I’ve got another father’s day printable for you—just pair with a lottery ticket. we never play the lottery…except on christmas and birthdays I always buy my husband 2 or 3….and if wins any small amount he has to keep it going…so if he wins $5…he has to buy 5 dollars worth of lottery tickets and […]

chore board with free printables!

EVERY summer I come up with a game plan to keep my kids from sitting on their butts. It’s kinda an obsession….my kids hate it…but I LOVE IT! There was the day by day printables  the sticks and point system a spinner to pick which kid the laminated version magnetic fridge version and the clipboard […]

bedazzled father’s day ties

We did this for church (i belong to this church!) and our primary president (the woman over the kids in at our church) is AWESOME! a couple weeks before father’s day she put a call out for any old unused ties…(she needed one for each dad in the ward!) (you can check out thrift stores […]

Father’s day printables!

I’m to the point where I buy things for my husband and dad….and then coming up with printables. My husband loves jerky. LOVES. he eats like it I eat cadbury minis in April. So here you go…tape it to a bag or stick of jerky… and cause I’m snarky…

layered flower art with my Minc machine

Me and my minc machine are becoming best friends. I’m kinda getting to the point where I walk around my house looking for things I can foil! #iloveitsomuch I love love love the colors the foil comes in. They all go so well together no matter the combination! and I wanted to use them all […]

let’s get organized…lego version

we love our legos. we don’t love our legos all over. and we ESPECIALLY don’t love stepping on stray legos! so lets get those legos under CONTROL!!! Whether it be by color or works of art– a place for everything and everything in it’s place! source (i found these neat shelves here) source source source […]

Make a canvas picture from a box!

I’ve got an awesome knock off ucycley project for you! Making a canvas looking photo…from an old box (or shoe box lid!) I did this for my photo ledges… but of course took no how to photos…so I had to make another one!  I had a box my clock came in..it was 12 x 16. So […]