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Foiled United States of America.

Sometimes you get this BrILLLIANT idea….and you are just so dang excited.   and then you start doing and halfway through you are about ready to kick yourself. This might be one of these projects! HA! It actually didn’t take so long–and I do totalllllly love the outcome…but it was a labor of love.    […]

Watercolor art with new glitter vinyl!

I’ve combined my two loves today–Watercolor and Expressions Vinyl And Expressions has NEW vinyl–transparent glitter vinyl! (head here to see the fun colors!) And they are even more glittery and sparkly in real life! Since they are transparent I thought they would be perfectly paired with watercolors! I painted some flowers…. I have THIS watercolor […]

googly eye bobby pins

Today I have the EASIEST craft!  All that is needed is some googly eyes $1. Bobby pins $1 and a hot glue gun! (you can get a fun variety of googly eyes HERE)  Glue on an eye to the end–or fill the whole bobby pin with eyes! Then you can just add these bobby pins […]

Book themed Baby shower !!!

My baby sister is having a baby! There are 5 of us (1 brother and 4 sisters) and we have all been done having kids for 7 years (seriously….we all had babies the same year)  So now that we are all out of baby stage..it’s perfect timing to bring new babies into the scene….   […]

Monster pinwheels

Today’s post is part of CRAFT LIGHTNING! A whole bunch of fun Halloween craft ideas that are quick and easy!!! I made some super fun Monster pinwheels! You just need a square of scrap book paper (they are super fun if they have different patterns on the front and back–) So I glued the two […]

throwback thursday! halloween! Boo.

    So. back in the day I blogged. And back in the day I had a crappy camera. and back in the day my kids were little and so I mainly crafted at night when they were in bed…so my pictures doubly sucked. So now that I have my new(ish) camera…and my kids are […]

Giant Ric Rac Skirt

I wanted to whip up another skirt for skirting the issue (go HERE to see my first one.) And I had some giant ric rac and this project just fell into place! It’s just a strip of fabric I hemmed the bottom… and added giant ric rac to the bottom– I decided to make a […]

A birthday front door!

We decided to get fancy this birthday and wrap the front door for my daughter’s birthday! It’s a super fun surprise to come home too….And you can do this to other people’s front door –Just need some tape and wrapping paper! I buy all my wrapping paper from the dollar store! They have some cute […]

Days of the week file folders

Ah! My kids are all in school! There is silence and rooms that stay clean and I feel like I’m getting my act together again! I love summer….but it’s kind of the philosophy of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. and my kids are making me so strong. 🙂  Anyways–I wanted to show you […]

An Apple (crumb muffin) for Teacher

It’s time for another MINC project! (go here to see all my other fun projects!) I am pretty much obsessed with this machine and find any excuse I can to #foilallthethings #truestory. I needed a quick gift for my kids teachers (my kids are back in schooollllll! yeehaw!) and I had these costco muffins….. Here’s […]

Tree stump centerpiece

Thank you to FloraCraft® for sponsoring this post! This month for my Floracraft challenge was……. Design it:® Simple Style® Succulent Pick Design it:® Silks & Naturals Desert Foam® Design it:® Floral arrangement kit This floral arrangement kit is amazing…It holds everything you will ever need to make some fun floral arrangements! (Which is good cause […]

25 girl hair styles for toddlers and tweens

This is a post I’ve been working on ALL summer long.  I like to dabble in hair dos…My daughter has had thick long long long hair since she was 3 years old–so It’s like I’ve had my own little barbie doll to play with!  As my girls have gotten older, they have become opinionated…and never […]

what to do with vinyl scraps round two!

hello! it’s me kim again! and i’m back showing you what to do with those leftover vinyl scraps! if you know ANYTHING about me..you know this: i don’t throw anything away… and since it’s not hoarding if you use it–then you had better use it. cause i don’t want to be famous by being on […]

how to adhere a big piece of vinyl….

okay..so i have talked many a time about using transfer tape. it’s my best friend. it will take all the small images or words you cut out and transfer it over to your project in one shabang. all straight and perfect. instead of peeling and sticking each individual letter. but sometimes i do big projects […]