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Balloon present and roundup

It’s unofficial birthday week–and no birthday is complete without some fun balloons!!! (go here to see my birthday fun posts!)   first…>I have a super fun balloon post coming up soon with this baby…  You can buy these at Walmart–and they are really affordable! I love having a Balloon time Helium tank–I can just blow […]

Birthday bouquet of candy

You know what the best present is… candy. It’s a miracle I don’t weigh 400 pounds. and since I love candy I thought candy would be a super fun gift to give… And everything needs to be pretty–make it into a bouquet! Take a floracraft ball…(I used a 6 inch one) AND chop in half. […]

Crepe Paper roundup

I love using crepe paper–it’s cheap, comes in lots of fun colors and you can create so many fun things! like…. Flowers made out of crepe paper unravel it and use it as a fun box filler. wrap up gifts inside … make a fun door hanger Or whip up some confetti Use them to […]

Party in a box

This is a fun present for people to send in the mail! I keep wanting to call it Birthday in a box…but really… you should be able to have a party anytime you want! So if you have someone that is feeling blue or needs a pick me up…send them this fun package! and everything […]

birthday banner printables

It’s my birthday week (yes week…we milk it at this house) I’m sharing fun birthday stuff all week! Today is this fun birthday banner! just print and cut!  perfect for any party…. or party box You can grab these printables HERE!

tie dye shirts with Expressions vinyl and 50 vinyl projects!

Today I’m showing you thse fun tie dye shirts….made a bit funner using Expressions Vinyl   I don’t know about you…but when I think summer I think watermelon and tie dye. I love it! It just seems fun and colorful…just like summer! I got this super fun tie dye kit in the mail from I […]

camp crafts

okay….camping wouldn’t be camping without smores….and CRAFTS! Fun little things to keep the kids busy! First up…this fun diy spinners…. Sun prints would be an AWESOME camping craft. Just layout the paper –you can buy the paper HERE and let the sun work it’s magic. Popsicle sticks harmonica Glow jars-perfect for camping nights! Rain sticks Fairy […]

Camping games!

I have 20 nieces and nephews. With another on the way. so Camping games are a MUST!!!! Here are some super fun games we have played–that are really easy and don’t require too much work! Twister: You can spray paint directly on the ground or on a tablecloth My mom made the spinner…using a magnetic […]

Camping food

source This post is dedicated to the best part of camping…. FOOD. I live for s’mores. and anything cooked over a campfire is just yummmmy. Or maybe we are just delirious from living like homeless people that a can of chili heated by the fire tastes like a 5 star restaurant. either way…here is our […]

camping T-shirt roundup

So. When I showed up camping…turns out me and the sister both had fun happy camper t-shirts both so stinkin cute. Both made with Expressions Vinyl Heat transfer. My sister has a legit camper…and goes quite often. and has made herself a bunch of camping shirts that she leaves in her camper. I have one […]

S’mores in a bag

One of our favorite camping dinners is walking tacos (basically all tacos supplies in a chip bag!)  and of course….Camping isn’t camping without S’mores! And I had a light bulb…why not combine the two! TACO S’MORES! Okay. no taco s’mores…how about S’mores in a bag! S’mores in a bag Gives you the yumminess that is s’mores..without the […]

Over 20 ideas that will make your camping trip AMAZING!

We had a family campout last weekend. And as much I hate camping…I love camping. I’m a complex woman. So I wanted to share the fun things we did on the blog this week! Today is awesome things that I WISH I had. 20 ideas and crap to buy that will make or break your […]

summer Shout out sunday

sunshine, sunburns, Popsicle, fruit, bbqs, sprinklers, water fights, sleeping in. IF only the kids were in school I would have so much fun! Ha! So I devote this Sunday shoutout to all things summery!!! brepuposed love this sign! home depot any alice in wonderland fans in the house…this is so amazing! find it make it […]

starburst printable

Just a fun printable for your weekend!