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Cd holder

Do people even use cd’s anymore??? I know with the smartphones and ipod movement they have been scarce around this house…. But for one of my daughter’s Christmas presents we decided to get her a karaoke machine–we have tons of fun Disney music cds and I knew she wanted the frozen cd for her birthday…so it just […]

Stacked name bracelets-

I just got a copy of the most fun jewelry book! My friend Bev wrote it! (you can buy a copy HERE) It’s awesome! I love 30 minute anything (low attention span!) So I love that you can whip up fun jewelry quickly!  and there are so many amazing ideas! I love them all!!!  It […]

Baby shower gift idea

The other day while perusing through pinterest…I ran into this cute idea from positively splendid (see it here)  and since I had a baby shower to go to (is it weird that I hope I get invited to baby showers so I have an excuse to make baby things again?) I whipped this up!  the […]

Colorful gift basket ideas!

I love giving presents. If I needed a back up job I would totally put together fun gift baskets! And Since I love color too….Let’s combine the two! Fun themed colorful gift basket for all occasions! Colorful gift basket: RED A cherry on top–All cherry themed! Who knew there was this many cherry stuff!?   […]

Washi Tape floor mat

My fun friend wrote a book!! Washi Tape crafts!    It’s amazing with so many ideas! (110 to be exact)  I mean I have a whole pinterest board devoted to washi tape (go HERE) but there were TONS of projects I had never even seen! These were some of my favorites! (and the photos are […]

I am the Favorite daughter.

I have 3 sisters and one sister in law…and one of our favorite things to do is to fight about who is the FAVORITE. (because the sisters can’t accept that it’s me even though my mom secretly calls me each week to tell that I am. 🙂 ) So I thought it would be fun […]

How to print coloring pages HUGE

I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for months. I actually got some printed before Thanksgiving. But with the hustle and bustle of the holidays I never got around to taking photos! I’m so excited to show you how to print coloring pages HUGE! (All these coloring pages sources can be found HERE)  Engineering […]

Free Coloring pages printables

I love to color! So I’m totally loving this adult coloring trend! and I have a SUPER fun Activity to do with these free coloring pages HERE   but for today I decided to link to over 35 of my favoritest coloring pages out there!  I also have THIS coloring book and it’s super fun! […]

Fun new crafts to try in 2016

I love all things crafty. I consider myself Jack of all trades…master of none. Because realistically…I get bored easily. If all I did was sew I would hate it! When I painted murals on walls…I got so sick of it! I love to try new crafty things. (My nephew has recently started making knifes…and I’m […]

Top posts of 2015

2015 was a great year! Every year this little blog grows and grows….and it makes me so incredible grateful! I put my heart and soul (and MANY MANY hours) into this blog and so when I can see results it makes all those late nights worth it! I wanted to do a quick rundown of […]

Christmas card printable.

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick free printable–I print these off and stick on some card stock for a cute card to that special someone!  (just right click and save to your computer.)   

A Lucky Christmas neighbor gift!

Okay…I know it’s totally last minute (cause that’s how I do) But I have a cute and easy Christmas gifts for your friends and neighbors–and you can use it two ways! Throw in either fun lottery tickets–or fortune cookies (you could go another step further and dip them in chocolate!)  These are super cheap at […]

Hilarous gift tags –free printables

Just right click and save to your computer!!! and then I thought I would share a ton of funny tags for you! Some of these really make me giggle!  source source  source source source source source source source source source source

Colorful Christmas

You know I love Color…and I love Christmas so Let’s make them be bffs together forever. Pom Pom Wreath and Garland Turquoise Christmas Tree Colorful Christmas Tree colorful sign Vintage Ornaments Christmas gift Felt Garland Pink Refresment flalalaalal pillow advent calendar Pink Pinecones Paint chip garland Christmas Tablescape Paper mantel decor colorful Forest Colored christmas […]