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ideas for kids                               my sister’s wedding

old school games                                  yup.  
dora party                             instagram apps

give this superhero muscles!               bridal shower         
bleach shirt                                     bamboo frames

push pins                                          pressed flowers
barbie house                                      purse cake   

picture board                                          washer pulls

.hot glue cake                                    school stuff box

Ice cream cake                                    button love
personalized puzzle                                  hide a book
microwave caramel                                  framed fabric
kitchen decor                               etched pans
 (this is where I talk about really dumb stuff..(like candy corn and joann) that has no revelence to crafts and should probably not belong on a craft blog.
you might be crafty                                        trash robots   
my mom’s kitchen                            my favorite wall
things to do with a magazine                                 shout outs           
                                                         where I feature other peoples crap)
                                                     like this cute dress from
                                                               make it and love it
     blog tips                                   sytyc review

snow globes                                       lacing cards

         my art work                               mickey cupcakes
batting t                           burlap wreaths

sunglass holder                        earrings

mickey party favors                            invictus poem

sling shot                                       lego present
paper lanterns               and the finale

bird’s nest                                            the 3 twists

hat rack                                            twine ball
      add knobs to a frame             using picnik to make free printables

 rubber bands                                     the twist     

diy your own canvas                        science experiments

     recover a lamp                 i spy book with your own toys

 fake makeup using nail polish               superhero letters

make your own letters                          picture hanger

 table top redo                            earrings and keychains

football practice                            mason jar activities
earring holder                        things to do with washi tape

kitchen reveal                                  chore chart
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