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         thor’s hammer                            embellish some slippers


capt america out of a frisbee                                  sash
indiana Jones whip                          ribbon keychain                               Purse holder
bow tie                                         tie snake
batman felt mat                                     diy veil 


    patio pillows                                  silhouette pictures


gum ball dispenser                      sewing box makeover
card game holder out of tins                          lamp redo


napkin rings                                         pencil box


ribbon streamer                                         night time mask


felt needle book                                  tooth fairy tin
zipper ring                                        zipper stuff


boy felt activity mat                     girl felt activity mat


and travel sized activity mat                             party pom pom


          fancy nancy pens                          cardboard playhouse


hide a key and tag                             placemat purse


       hair bow                                   earring holder
  magnetic funny face                               boy dress up suitcase


girl dress up suitcase                                    checkers tin
recovered formula cans                       bulletin board makeover


mint tins recycled                        Popsicle holder


glue gun cake                                         cord ties


card holder tins                                      good deed cans
felt target                                Hot potato


felt baby diaper                                  hair crap
                                              headband holder           starburst from old blinds

earmuffs                       chair recovered
littlest pet shop felt mat                         ruffled heart

          pennant banner                                ruffled flower picture

  lamp redo                                 sucker holder
wreath                                    shoe redo
        wire words                                        sucker holder

covered binder                                  hopscotch mat

mickey ear clips                             party favors

hot glue necklace                   potato bag frame

magnetic boards                                      felt cookies
purse embellishment                                  lego felt mat
diy drum shade                        bulletin board redo


mirror redo                                wipes box

 cupcake lantern                   crepe paper lantern

plastic tablecloth                                     twine ball
fabric covered magnet board                   hot glue belt
frame within a frame                          styrofoam frame


     star wars felt mat                            hot glue ruffled camera strap
peacock painting                              hearts!


cork board monster                  fake canvas
fabric covered letters                       fabric backed bookcase
 pressed rose petals

princess pens                                    princess bags