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can i get something off my chest???

    my chest is small so i can’t afford to get too much off…. source and while i could just stop there… i’m going to vent some more… I’m going to talk about the downside of blogging (One of the only downsides…in my opinion. husband’s opinion would be different… like when he comes home […]

Fall/Thanksgiving shout outs!

   grow creative super fun painted leaves!!! family fun a great little game. hide a bunch of these turkeys and the kids have to find them while the food is cooking! My sister’s suitcase what an adorable free printable   i snapped this yesterday at my joanns! how cute is this tulle turkey wreath madigan […]

Duck Brand® Deco Laminate lamp

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. So i scored this cute lamp for my daughter’s room—- and while it’s cute, it’s rather plain. and if you know ANYTHING about me it’s the fact that i can’t leave well enough alone. everything […]

the family tree…..moving week!

I don’t even want to link up this next post…. it’s my family tree—i painted it right on the wall…. and I already took all my pictures down but i wish i would have taken new pictures…cause the ones in the how to post are lame. cause i was lame. (maybe still am just a […]

fake board and batten…(moving week!)

I can NOT tell you how much a little fake board and batten make a HUGE difference in my living room!!! It was this huge wall that ran into the kitchen and everything look dwarfed on it cause it was just…there. but the b and b really broke it up and made it feel sooooo […]

photography week!!!!

guess what starts tomorrow….. its photography week…… let me tell you what it’s NOT… me telling you how to take awesome pictures. cause i’m still learning let me tell you what it IS… awesome. so stayed tuned!!!!!  

freezer paper stenciling

is awesome. seriously. if you haven’t tried it. do it. you will be addicted!!!!! i saw this great scott (back to the future is one of the greatest movies ever) shirt on zulily the other day… and with my nephews birthday coming up  i knew i had to recreate it. i should mention that his […]

guest post– house of mouse pillowcase dress with lace!

so–i’m reposting my house of mouse guest post here for one reason… it’s this sweet girl’s 5th birthday today: i can NOT believe that my baby is 5. it makes me sad. i’m sending her to live with peter pan so she can stop growing. (i always take “birthday pictures” of them—after this treasure i […]

april fools dinner

first: i feel like i should get 1,000,000 bonus points for being on the ball and posting something BEFORE the actual holiday. it’s an april fools miracle!!!!   I remember my sister doing this for a date dance…and as a  kid (cause my sister was so much OLDER than me (ha! ) I thought it […]

the dentist office…

    back story: i used to work at a kids dentist office. my mother in law is the office manager..and my sister in law was the front desk–and she had a baby…and we kinda did this swap where she would work the mornings and i worked the afternoons. I loved it…it was super fun […]

lego board

my nephew loves legos… (i made the lego felt mat for him.) anyways i had his name for christmas… and we were supposed to do homemade gifts… but the older you get–the harder it gets. so this is about as homemade as it gets… the things you need (plus paint and glue..and vinyl…and some other tupperware […]

reading canopy

this super fun canopy is from my boise sister. who sucks and should move back from boise. just a random sidenote. the how-tos aren’t to hard….i mean..it looks hard. but it really isn’t.buy a sheet…the bigger the sheet the bigger circle you can go (i would recommend queen… and maybe some extras for a seat… […]

puppet tent

my sister whipped out this super fun puppet tent..and i have to say…it was a christmas hit. the kids begged to put on a puppet show…and i have videos of giggly kids and puppets.  the puppets are all wooden spoons….(and the kids are Popsicle sticks) she had her kids decorate them…so fun aren’t they! the curtain is […]

book labels.

this was a guest post…and one of my most favortiest posts.and since we are on a vinyl/cameo kick…let’s repost it. i love books. and i hate when i lend out my books and don’t get them back. so I thought I would make some reminders to those people so they always remember that THESE BOOKS […]