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Throwback Thursday-chore charts!

  There is a common theme on this blog…chore charts! I pretty much come up with a new strategy every summer! My kids totally love it (said sooooo sarcastically!) But I want them to realize that the house doesn’t magically clean itself and their closet doesn’t automatically produce clean hung up clothes. It takes a […]

Throwback Thursday–camping!

  What’s funny is that I have a lot of camping posts. And I really am not a huge fan of camping! (irony) So I thought this throwback could be all my camping posts!–cause even if I’m not down with getting dirty and squatting…we still know how to eat and party! S’mores in a bag […]

Throwback Thursday–organizers

This Thursday’s throwback is brought to by ORGANIZERS!!!   Car organizer makeup organizer and a craft organizer Barbie Organizer:   and of course by big mamma jamma roundup of organizers!

throwback thursday–barbie bed

I love who ever decided thursday should be throwback day….I have so much junk amazingness on this blog that I sometimes I don’t even remember posting about it til i see it happenchance on my pinterest!   One of my most popular posts is the barbie house out of a cheap shelf (cause i’m way to cheap […]

throwback thursday–do you doodle book?

this is one of my children’s favoritest things… a do you doodle notebook I made one for my niece HERE (as well as a cute what do you see notepad where I draw a squiggle line and she has to turn it into something… I made a bunch of printables for you…you just need to […]

easy embellished shirt or tank!

i showed off this fun easy refashion last year as a guest post. but it’s too cute not to reshare (and easy too!) and since it’s my sweet baby’s 6 year old birthday (and i’m at snap..cause i’m an awesome mom)  let’s throw it up today! cause it’s THROWBACK thursday (i’m determined for this series […]