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turkey cheese ball–thanksgiving appetizer!

let’s face it…thanksgiving is alllllll about the food! (probably why I love it so!) And sometimes you have to sit around and wait for that food…and the anticipation will kill you. So this little appetizer is perfect! It’s the.best.cheeseball EVER. (seriously….i can eat one by myself!) and of course you can add some eyes and […]

Thanksgiving shoutouts

ah! I’ve missed my shoutouts! So I’m bringing it back with a bang! Thanksgiving is going to be on us stat (hello…wasn’t it just halloween?) I love fall colors. I love food. I love family. So thanksgiving is a favorite around these parties!   dolen diaries stay at home artist   better recipes   thirty […]

giant wood slat pumpkins

This was a guest post over at welcome to the mouse house….. but since i don’t want it sitting in my draft box all year…i’m going to squeeze it in now!!! You know…i get so fed up with people starting Christmas right after Halloween–(mostly cause I associated Christmas with stress) So this year I’m trying […]

Thanksgiving scrabble

just a quick little something for your thanksgiving festivities. thanksgiving scrabble. the objective: see if you can find something you are thankful for using the letters of  THANKSGIVING. super fun to see how creative everyone can get! (you can swap out thanksgiving and use TURKEY, PILGRAM, MAYFLOWER, GRATITUDE or you can even do peoples names–like […]

thanksgiving kid printables!

have you guys been to applebees? random agaagg fact number 195: i was a hostess there for like two months. anyways…they wrap their menu/activity page all cute like with a little pocket to slide the crayons in. and I thought they sure would be perfect for thanksgiving table!!!!! first…i made a couple thanksgiving ones to […]

kid craft monday {turkey}

we made these fun little turkeys to spruce up the house….i don’t know about you –but I CAN NOT put up my christmas until thanksgiving is over. i feel bad for thanksgiving…it gets the shaft. (but come friday we will singing mariah carey’s all i want for christmas song until my husband’s ears bleed) anyways…we […]