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the birthday project.

so awhile ago..I got wind of the birthday project. I don’t know about you…but I hate my birthday. I dunno why. but I do. and thirty is one of those that hits hard…(for me) So i thought on my birthday i could either a. lay in bed all day and think about how crappy 30 is and then get […]

kitchen reveal

Alrighty…now…like i said on monday. i’m not like totally done. above my cupboards i have a TON of space…and i’m kinda stuck….but for now i’m okay with it.. so my kitchen was apple green and brown with a little red and blue (you can see a couple befores HERE and HERE (these are very beginner posts of […]

i’ve got the bloggin blues….

*disclaimer: it was late. very late. continue: source you know. i love blogging. i have never once (okay maybe once) complained about it…(there was a time last summer that i got a little overwhelmed…but i blame the childrens for that…this summer i’m going to ship them to a summer camp like in parent trap so […]