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What to pack in a 72 hour emergency kit

If you have been around for a few years–you may have heard about our house fire (if not–you can read about it here) My son had pulled out our 72 hour back packs when he was leaving the house–(we had literally put them together ONLY ONE MONTH before)! When we were packing them-we talked about […]

I babysat.

and this happened. \ this is my cute nephew…who came out with a head of hair. The nurses called him Elvis! and i was itching to play around with it….!

Why I have the best job ever.

  (my blog is 5 today! happy blog birthday to me! So I thought I would write a post all about how I have the best job ever!!!)   This is me. living the dream. my dream looks pretty unhygienic. but it’s my dream so butt out.   Let’s go back to 2000. I graduated. […]

the one where I act like a marriage expert.

Today is my husband’s birthday. he is old. (er) than me. ha! I heard a thing on the radio that said the average adult feels like they are 11 years younger than they actually are. That would make my husband 25.   so yeah. that’s about right. The other day at church we had a […]

toilet phone, dancing on chairs, 80’s hair and other scary stories from SNAP!

WARNING: THIS IS THE LONGEST CRAP POST EVER. So…I survived my first blog conference. I was so on edge…and my first 20 minutes had me ready to curl up and hide in the corner. i was ready to go home cause it was so OVERWHELMING! but i persevered and made it through!  The past couple […]

peel and stick vinyl for your cupboards!

so…when i was packing up my house…Oh..about  7 months ago. I thought..”i’m going to post about how i added some peel and stick vinyl/laminate underneath my cupboards.” So i snapped some pictures. and then 4 months later..i’m all…oh.  yeah. that. (my mind is a fine tuned machine…..) and then did nothing with it. UNTIL NOW! […]

the underground of blogging….

Me and husband get in constant “debates” (air quotes around debates…cause they are more like fighting matches….cause we like to fight….) about my blogging “job” (air quotes around job cause the argument is that when you get to do a job in your pajamas with yesterdays mascara under your eyes it’s not a job…..more like […]

super saturday ideas!!!!

super saturday is a big huge craft day our church has once a year around fallll time. basically it’s like christmas for moms. i look forward to it every year! and we just had ours a couple saturdays ago—so i thought i would share what we did… and alllllll the things we have done in […]


a few weeks ago i posted about the things we planned on doing when we went camping.… and now i’m here to follow up on the crap..and show you a couple other fun things we did as well!!! first up tie dye it was so fun…and a hot mess. we didn’t have enough gloves…and some […]

camping ideas!

(this post may contain affiliate links) I hate camping.   the end.  just kidding (kinda…but I do camp like this:     I love the chance to unplug (even though I come back to 100’s of  emails and waaaaay behind in my bloglovin) and the opportunity to not wear makeup.   I just hate being dirty. and squatting. not.a.fan. But […]

bubblegum necklace

i’ve mentioned it numerous times..but it’s worth repeating. i love my family. ‘specially when they save cute little things they get along the way for me. like this bubblegum necklace that my mom got at her girl’s camp! it’s soooo cute! You could put each color for a value for young woman’s in your church […]

uses for paracord bracelets

yesterday i posted about paracord bracelets….and my husband says this “isn’t there a purpose for these paracord bracelets….?” and i say “yes. to look good on my wrist.” and he says ,” no i mean survival crap” (he says crap as much as i do) so i googled it…and wouldn’t you know…LISTS of useful things […]

how to make paracord bracelets

last time we were at my mom’s -my sister brought all the stuff to make paracord bracelets. we sat down and CRANKED out tons of fun bracelets! i posted about it on facebook and people wanted a tutorial–and since your wish is my command….. ages approx 7ish to 100 can do this…my daughter is 9 and […]

Dentist office: take two…

so I showed you HERE this cute dentist office— and now i’m going to show you a few odds and ends that i’ve done for them…(and i started writing this a long time ago and that’s why the pictures are so small! like this pinocchio. do you see this ginormous pinochicho.. yah..how could you miss it […]