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a little bit about me myself and I….on the “porch”

Okay…So I’m a Porch blogger–(which basically means I’m awesome (asifyoudidn’tknow) (actually I don’ t know how I got so lucky to be with them! Porch is AWESOME. Its basically eye candy and house envy…in a good way. But I go over there and want to redo EVERYTHING in my house!!!  Anyways…on the “front porch” answering […]

Why I have the best job ever.

  (my blog is 5 today! happy blog birthday to me! So I thought I would write a post all about how I have the best job ever!!!)   This is me. living the dream. my dream looks pretty unhygienic. but it’s my dream so butt out.   Let’s go back to 2000. I graduated. […]

About the girl

HI. My name is Kimbo and I’m a craft hoarder. I have an unnatural attachment to my glue gun. I like crafts that are fast, easy and cute. I do more than just glue –but the glue gun represents me as a mom AND a crafter..whether it is making hair bows or gluing batman’s head back on…and […]