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Marble race–easy and fast game for kids

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so glad you are here! I have a super fun, easy and COLORFUL game to make with the kids (My kids were out of school today–so we had to keep them busy SOMEHOW!) Check out how to make this Marble Race! The Marble race is made from Make It Fun® Foam Project […]

hot glue sequin embellished pillow!

This was a guest post over at Skip to my Lou! I do know how to sew…but sequins are a bit out of my skill zone. And I knew I wanted a cute meow pillow for my cat obsessed daughter..So I turned to hot glue!!!   Sketch out your basic design. If you aren’t artsy…you […]

popsicle sticks snowflakes

(This posted last year for Sugar Bee Crafts!!) We are in the home stretch people! Christmas is going to be upon us soon!!! The kids will be getting off school for Christmas break–which is so fun! But if your kids are like my kids…if left to their own devices they will FIGHT! Much better if […]

Christmas tree from scrap wood

So…I made a BAZILLION frames (only a slight exaggeration!) and with all those cute frames came piles and piles of scrap wood. AND ever the thrifter…. I just laid them out and tried to find varying sizes (I had to trim a few) and then I “let” my 7 year old sand them! and paint […]

Geometric Nutcracker–with FOAM!

last year I saw these cute geometric nutcrackers on Emily Henderson’s instagram post. and it stayed with me…a whole year in fact! So when Elmer’s asked if I wanted to try out their new glue sticks (less mess!!) I knew this project would be perfect! Here’s what you need: Elmer’s Glue gun Elmer’s less mess […]

Headband holder

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that my sister was having a baby (see her cute baby shower HERE) Anyways…since I’m completely and utterly 7 years out of the baby stage…it’s sooooo fun to get to do baby stuff again! (I don’t get invited to enough baby showers!) I’ve been wanting to make a headband holder for […]

Halloween fingernails

all it take is googly eyes (I’ve been OBSESSED this year with googly eyes! I actually hot glued these onto the nails –but they do have sticky back eye balls (head HERE) The trick to hot gluing is to let it cool so it’s still tacky…but not hot. It’s around 10 seconds and you can […]

shower curtain to regular curtains!

I don’t know if you remember…but my master bedroom has given me FITS. You can go HERE to read the first part of me complaining…and HERE to read the second part of me complaining. It’s kind of coming together. This is my vision plan  and I was having a heck of time trying to find curtains. […]

Big letters from Floracraft® foam.

 I wanted to add my sons name (actually his nickname.) to his wall. And they had to be big to compete with the plaid. You saw a sneak peek on my plaid wall (go here)  SO…I turned to Floracraft® foam sheets! I had a few sheets laying around from my ice cream holder I used […]

diy fruit fans –a fun kids crafts

This posted over at the Idea room a few weeks ago!  I’ve whipped together a super fun fan to keep you cool during the hot summer months AND it’s a great kids craft that they will have a blast with! I found these Popsicle sticks at the dollar store…already colored in. But you could totally […]

Make a canvas picture from a box!

I’ve got an awesome knock off ucycley project for you! Making a canvas looking photo…from an old box (or shoe box lid!) I did this for my photo ledges… but of course took no how to photos…so I had to make another one!  I had a box my clock came in..it was 12 x 16. So […]

Polka dot mirror

It’s polka dot week over at R and R workshop! And since I ADORE polka dots…I had to play along! whipped up a super easy mirror!  I measured the wood….and cut 5 inches extra than the mirror….I wanted it to overlap the mirror so the mirror sits behind it. (Home depot can cut your wood…so […]

Fix a hole in your pants….with HOT GLUE!

Sometimes I just have to remind you why I call myself the girl AND the glue gun….(and not the girl and her silhouette…or the girl and her sewing machine.) Cause I do love to sew…but sometimes hot glue does that job that your sewing machine can do…..and it does it faster. and I’m all about […]

bandana hair crap

this was my hair decor the entire week i was camping…. and it requires no skills other than folding. you start with a triangle… and roll ur up… then you put the middle in the back of your head and bring around the sides and tie a knot…..much l yike… you can tuck those ends […]