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Cover up a logo with iron on vinyl

I showed a sneak peak of this shirt over on snapchat! Make sure you are following me (girlandagluegun) But I wanted to show you  this fun blogger shirt I made:  Don’t follow your dreams guys…follow my blog! Ha! My sister found this in a store and sent me a screenshot of it! I knew I […]

Skeleton shirt with glow in the dark vinyl (and GIVEAWAY!)

Thanks to Expressions Vinyl for sponsoring this post! I either like to go allllll out for my Halloween costume. or bare minimum. This year is bare minimum. So I thought I would make a cute little shirt that I feel 100% comfortable in while I walk block after block with my kids. and it glows..so […]

Iron on Vinyl Tags for Homemade clothes and giveaway!

This fun post is part of heat transfer week put on my Expressions Vinyl! I like to sew for my kids! I love to make fun little outfits and it makes me happy to see my kids in them! The downside is that most of the time they can’t figure out which side is the […]

Heat transfer Vinyl shirt with GOLD glitter polka dots

So many of my favorite things are in that title! I A. love heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl! It’s vinyl you can iron onto fabric to make custom….everything! and gold has become my newest obsessions. I’m going to turn into this lady if I don’t have an intervention. and polka dots. obsessed before. will […]

Month by month baby onesie with heat transfer vinyl

These are so cute…and guess what…REALLY EASY! You just need a pack of plain onesies…any color…or even striped! and pick some matching vinyl! I loved this combo of colors together (it’s all Heat transfer vinyl!) It all comes from Expressions Vinyl I actually bought this from the silhouette store. I usually like to create my […]

Apron made from two fat quarters and Expressions Vinyl

I’ve got a super duper easy apron/sewing project for you…that would be amazing for a mother’s day present! and it only involves 2…and a half things)  You need two fat quarters…and some heat transfer! (this sis the half…fun iron on vinyl is actually optional…but SUPER cool to customize it with! I get all mine from […]