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25 girl hair styles for toddlers and tweens

This is a post I’ve been working on ALL summer long.  I like to dabble in hair dos…My daughter has had thick long long long hair since she was 3 years old–so It’s like I’ve had my own little barbie doll to play with!  As my girls have gotten older, they have become opinionated…and never […]

Expressions Vinyl fruity hair bows.

Today I was given the challenge of coming up with something fruity…made with vinyl! So it became….fruit hair bows! I love hair bows…mostly cause they are cheap, fast and use my hot glue gun! (go here to see all of my past tutorials!) Vinyl and ribbon are two peas in a pod….and I didn’t even […]

bandana hair crap

this was my hair decor the entire week i was camping…. and it requires no skills other than folding. you start with a triangle… and roll ur up… then you put the middle in the back of your head and bring around the sides and tie a knot…..much l yike… you can tuck those ends […]